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Hump Day Weekly Update

3 Apr

What is going on this week? March has passed and Miami Ultra Music Festival is over. That doesn’t mean that we can’t keep UMF going on our headphones. Check out all the sets from Miami, some great listening material here. Also, yesterday Alesso posted his new song called “If I lose myself” featuing OneRepublic. Alesso never disappoints. For anyone in the DC area, he is performing at Echo Stage on April 19th, tickets are selling at only $30. Lalapalooza tickets recently went on sale but apparently they are already sold out.

On Sunday, everyone was devastated when they saw Kevin Ware break his leg against duke in the Elite 8 game. This guy is tough because he is motivated to overcome the injury and is already on his feet after surgery. Also, Mark Cuban suggested drafting Brittney Griner, former Baylor Star, to play for the Mavericks. She tweeted back that she is ready for tryouts. This would be interesting; however if Griner does try out for the NBA, she wouldn’t be the first female to do so. Ann Meyers was the first female to sign a free-agent contract with an NBA team when she signed with the Indiana Pacers in 1979, though she did not make the team and was released.

Lost of April fools jokes going around this week from a Google Maps Treasure Mode gimmick to Twitter charging to use vowels. Apparently Lindsay Lohan also played a little joke announcing on twitter she was pregnant. It was confirmed false but she did manage to leak some side boom content.



Skirt Jam of the Week: Alesso – Years

7 Aug

FINALLY! After being initially dropped earlier this year in Swedish House Mafia’s takeover of Pete Tong’s legendary BBC Radio 1 show, ‘Years’ is available for purchase. It’s been awhile since Alesso released a track, those Swedes really take their time in the studio but love to hype a track months before it is released. Last week Alesso published to his facebook fan page wall the finalized version of ‘Years’. The track features Mathew Koma. I’m a little bit biased because Alesso is one of my favorite’s but check out the track below, it’s great.

More upcoming tracks in the EDM World:

Alesso & Dirty South – City Of Dreams

Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Eclipse

Vinioci – Light Up

Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child

Avicii – Music Box

You can get a preview of them on youtube from recent performances.

Full Sets from EDC NYC

4 Jun

Wow.  That’s all I can really say about how incredible EDC in NYC was.  While this was the second time I saw Avicii live, the first time I literally remember nothing. Like not one of those normal concert blackouts where you remember a couple songs here and there, you remember dancing, etc.  I remember NOTHING.  Like I might as well not have been there.  So for EDC my number one priority was to actually remember everything. Setup alone was awesome, with 4 different stages all over the parking lots outside MetLife stadium, with a full carnival of rides and food in between.  Saturday’s lineup was completely absurd: Cazzette, Alesso, Calvin Harris, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Avicii, each of whom played for 1.5 to 2 hours each.  Everyone was incredible, most surprisingly Cazzette who I’m going to throw up as the skirt jam of the week later on this week.  Avicii is just playing a whole different game than anyone else at this point.  Everyone else plays songs, and remixes of them.  Avicii plays a show, just 2.5 hour straight of ebbing and flowing music with a bunch of high points.  The N*ggas in Paris remix while a full 20 minute fireworks show went off was a nice touch.  Links to the full sets after the jump.   Continue reading

Electric Daisy Carnival NYC Starts Today. Yes.

18 May

No skirt jam of the week necessary.  NSD Staff pumped beyond belief to head up to NYC for Electric Daisy Carnival.  If you don’t know what it is, watch this video from our post last year.  We’ve been excited for this day for literally an entire year.  If this is the last post from us for awhile, you know why.  We’ll be sure to recap in full for anyone unfortunate enough not to be attending.  Avicii.  Alesso. Calvin Harris. Sebastian Ingrosso.  Bassnectar.  Afrojack.  Armin van Buuren.  Yes.  That’s all.  Enjoy the weekend.

EDC in NYC Tix go on Sale Today

2 Mar

If you haven’t heard of EDC aka Electric Daisy Carnival, you should go back and read my post from a few months ago and watch that video, because that video makes it look like truly one of the best events I can imagine. Before last year, EDC was only held in LA, making it a near impossible event to attend for us East-Coasters because of the sheer cost of ticket + hotel + cross country flight.  Last year they held one in Vegas and Orlando, making it a little more feasible, but this week they announced the first one in New York City.  Venue and pricing details are sketchy, but it looks like popular thought is leading towards MetLife Stadium for $129 for two days, which is an amazing deal versus most other festivals out there.  Tickets go on sale at 3PM today.  Worth mentioning that if you plan on attending you should probably research insurance policies.  As I’m going to both this and Bonnaroo this year, I will be also researching coffins over the next few weeks.

UPDATE: First phase of the lineup Released.  Oh my god. After the jump. Continue reading

Skirt Jam of the Week – Ehrenchrona – This is So Good

7 Feb

I don’t know how Sweden does it.  America breeds great baseball players.  Canada breeds great hockey players.  Kenya breeds great marathon runners.  And Sweden…well Sweden breeds DJs.  First Avicii, then Alesso, now this guy, Ehrencrona.  I can’t figure out how old he is or anything about him, but this is his first song so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s about 14 since apparently they install DJ decks in their baby cribs over there.  Amazing debut from this guy, and I love the name.  Very simple, and exactly what you think as you listen to it.  Enjoy.

Skirt Jam of the Week – Avicii & Alesso – Rules Have Changed

6 Jan

Avicii has done it again, this time collaborating with fellow Swedish DJ Alesso for “Rules Have Changed,” which he released right before his NYE show in NYC this year.  This was Avicii’s New Year’s Eve: He played a 3 hour set from 9:30-12:30 and rang in the new year at a venue overlooking Niagara Falls, then jumped in a helicoptor which took him to his NYC show on Pier 39, where he landed on the roof, descended down, and played another 3 hour show going until 4AM, kicking it off with Levels as the crowd went nuts.  At 1:25AM he tweeted, “This is the best night of life! In a helicoptor over Manhattan.”  Is there anyone who has a better life than Avicii?  His “work” is a 3 hour shift once ever couple of nights, standing on a stage in exotic locations all over the world.  The rest of the time he just makes awesome songs and parties.  Forget Earl Woods trying to train his kid since birth to be a golfer, my kid is gonna have a DJ deck in his crib the day he’s born. 

Skirt Jam of the Week: Machine Gun Kelly ft. Ester Dean – Invincible

28 Dec

This week we have a new artist that we haven’t previously feature on NSD.  Below we posted Invincible by Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Ester Dean.  MGK, is an upcoming rapper from Cleveland and has great flow and energy in his live performances.  Just a few weeks ago he was named The Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2011 by MTV.  It’s obvious this kid’s got talent, he’s teaming up with some of the industry’s best artists and signed with Bad Boy Records.  Invinciple is a fast paced song featuring Ester Dean who recently has been doing choruses across the industry with artists such as Chris Brown, Tinie Tempah, and Nicki Minaj.  I expect we will see much more of MGK in the near future…

Continue reading

Skirt Jam of the Week: DEVolution feat. Amy Pearson – Good Love (Alesso Remix)

23 Sep

If you attended Electric Zoo over Labor Day Weekend, NYC’s annual electric music festival, you may have seen Alesso’s performance where he debuted his remix to ‘Good Love’.  Alesso has been up and coming over the last few years and is a favorite in the electronic music scene.  You may have heard his remix to ‘Pressure‘ or ‘Calling‘.  His newest release, ‘Good Love’ is in my opinion, going to be the song of the Continue reading