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Sign me up for Yacht Week

17 Nov

I realize this video is old but I’m coming across an astounding number of people who haven’t seen it or heard of this yet.  This is literally the best advertisement I’ve ever seen.  Obviously, all they had to say was “hey do you want to rent a yacht and party with hot girls cruising around Europe for two weeks, and then pull up to other yachts with other hot girls?” and everyone would be in.  But they had to go ahead and make an incredible video showing what we are missing.  If I don’t do this in my life my tombstone is going to say “Died of regret from not going on Yacht Week.”  I’m pretty sure 95% of my daily thoughts are related to this at this point.

Guest Post: The Best Mediterranean Cruises for TwentySomethings

22 Sep

A few weeks back, we had a guest writer profile the best Caribbean cruises for men in their twenties like us.  However, that post left out a key section of the world: Europe.  Ever since every college student in the country starting going abroad to Europe, guys in their early twenties have been wanting to go back to Europe once they start working.  But forget spending romantic evenings in Tuscany, most want to go to things like Yacht Week, a week long binge drinking affair with strange exotic girls.  That’s why we brought in a guest writer from a UK-based travel agency to write about the best Mediterrean cruises for twentysomethings. Enjoy.

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Bachelor Pad of the Week

21 Sep

This $12.9 million monster, recently listed for sale would make for the perfect bachelor pad.  The view, the pool, the home theater, as well as the modern design are essential for  throwing parties and keeping the ladies entertained.   Just ask Vinny Chase and the guys as this house was featured in several party scenes in Entourage.  Check out more pics below… Continue reading

Have to go to London? Take a 4,000MPH underwater train

7 Sep

How awesome of a commute would this be? Have lunch in Manhattan, and hit up some bars in London at nighttime (this is factoring in time difference as well).  This is clearly not going to happen anytime soon, if ever, and is borderline completely absurd to even speak of in a serious way.  I’m just saying. I can’t wait for the future.  Just imagine if even 10% of the stuff from The Fifth Element comes true?  Flying taxis?  Instant package delivery?  Sign me up.

This, from It’s not impossible: Norway has studied neutrally buoyant tunnels (concluding that they’re feasible, though expensive), and Shanghai is running maglev trains to its airport. But supersonic speeds require another critical step: eliminating the air—and therefore air friction—from the train’s path. A vacuum would also save the tunnel from the destructive effects of a sonic boom, which, unchecked, could potentially rip the tunnel apart.” “As envisioned by Frankel and Frank Davidson, a former MIT researcher and early member of the first formal English Channel Tunnel study group, sections of neutrally buoyant tunnel submerged 150 to 300 feet beneath the surface of the Atlantic, then anchored to the seafloor–thereby avoiding the high pressures of the deep ocean. Then air would be pumped out, creating a vacuum, and alternating magnetic pulses would propel a magnetically levitated train capable of speeds up to 4,000 mph across the pond in an hour. As Frankel and Davidson say, it’s doable. “We lay pipes and cables across the ocean every day,” says Frankel. “The Norwegians recently investigated submerged, floating tunnels for crossing their deep fjords, and were only held back by the costs.”-Carl Hoffman

Guest Post: Best Cruises for TwentySomethings

6 Sep

Summer is over.  Sure, there is still some warm weather left, but the wild weekends at beach bars and summer hotspots are basically over, as college is back in session and your bosses are actually back in the office expecting you to do things.  Of course fall is a great season of its own, with football (and tailgates) and great drinking holidays like halloween.  There’s also cruises, which hit up the Caribbean all year round.  Of course, it’s important that you don’t end up on an old person’s cruise or something out of the movie Boat Trip, so a list of the best cruises for twentysomethings is key.  Luckily, an avid NSD reader decided to write in with a guest post, and we thank him for that.  -Don’tTazeMeBro

So you want to go on a cruise. You crave the open sea, the gentle rocking of the ship as it traverses the oceans to satisfy your wanderlust. The majesty of a gargantuan floating city and the mystery of faraway lands combine to form this, the vacation of your dreams. The only problem is that you’re about half a century younger than everybody else on that wavelength.

Yep, it’s true what they say about cruises. They are filled with old people. They’re relatively expensive so they suit the wealthy retired sorts, and they provide a practical and effective way of seeing the world without too much physical movement. In fact they’re ideally set up for the elderly because the bars and restaurants are linked by elevators and long, wide, perfectly flat corridors. The sedate pace probably reminds them of growing up in New England, too.

But cruising more than just a practical way to holiday with a zimmer frame. It’s about exploring the world in comfort, socialising with like-minded people and being pampered by a crew of hundreds, often more. It’s also about the staggering engineering feat that is the cruise ship. Take the MS Independence of the Seas, for example, operated by Royal Caribbean. Continue reading

Hurricane Irene Aftermath

2 Sep

Last weekend hurricane Irene devestated the east coast as it charged up from Florida to New England.  The aftermath resulted in costly damage in multiple states.  Flooding, trees ripped out of the earth, streets divided, and houses were crippled in some cities.  Many were left without power for most of the week.  Below we have put together a collection of pictures of the damange that was caused by Irene…

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Luxury Purchase of the Week: Mercedes-Benz Style EC145 Luxury Helicopter

30 Aug

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Mercedes-Benz has apparently begun developing a line of luxury yachts and boats, to the delight of rich people all over.  I’m not going to lie, I immediately was viscerally angry looking at pictures of this helicopter because of the fact I can’t have it (buy some shirts in our store!).  Unveiled in Geneva this week, the new Mercedes Benz Style EC145 Luxury Helicopter is a twin-engine turbine Eurocopter EC145 model (I assume this is good) with an extensive interior redesign using Mercedes’ top tier knowledge of luxury materials, lighting and re-purposing flexibility to offer both “luxury ambiance and German practicality.” They’ll be creating helicopters, luxury yachts, and aircraft in the years to come, all in a design studio in Como, Italy.  Seriously, is there anything more infuriating than the fact that while you are sitting at work at your desk, people are flying luxury helicopters and yachts in Lake Como?  And is there anything more baller than taking a helicopter for work?  When normal folk are late for work, we take taxis…rich people take helicopters.  I think we can do this.  Let’s get 10 NSD readers together, pool all of our credit, and create a timeshare system for this thing.  Want to play a round of golf?  Head to the bars for the night?  As the great Arnold Schwarzenegger once said…

Nightlife Deal Sites… The New Buzz

28 Jul

The past few years have had an uprising in daily deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial that have transformed the way we shop and entertain.  It’s becoming the norm to take out a date using a Groupon.  These sites are knocking off 50% off original pricing for all types of occasions such as mini golf, restaurants, spas, laser tag, etc.  The revolution has lead to consumer savings and businesses losing..

Recently we have come across a new deal site.  This one caters to the average bachelor, providing deals for nightclubs, bars, and happy hour events. which started in Chicago grants Continue reading

Sit Front Row on the World’s Steepest Roller Coaster

13 Jul

Watching this made me feel bad for all the death coasters I used to make my guests ride on in Roller Coaster Tycoon (did anyone else build roller coasters that just went off a cliff halfway through?  Am I a psychopath?)  I’ve been on my share of roller coasters in my day, including Kingda Ka at Six Flags which is the highest rollercoaster in the U.S.  Well of course Japan went ahead and did something completely ridiculous and what Americans weren’t smart enough to figure out and made the steepest roller coaster in the world.  Even worse, this thing is a complete mindfuck.  You start off in the pitch black, thinking most likely you are in for a space mountain like glory ride, and you are suddenly thrust into constant loops and absurd drops.  Then you stop, and it looks like you are done and about to get let off, and then boom, you get taken basically straight vertically  skyward, left to ponder whether you are going to live or die at the top, and then proceed to be dropped more than straight down.  I’m going to continue to sit in the comfort of my home watching roller coaster videos, but if anyone wants to travel to Japan and ride this, go for it.

Bachelor Pad of the Week

29 Jun

This luxurious house, located in Austin – Texas, was recently remodeled into a contemporary bachelor pad.  The five-bedroom, 10,500 square foot palace is the perfect spot to bring back the ladies.  From the exotics in the garage to the the lakeside pool, this would keep any bachelor entertained for quite some time.  This right here is Continue reading