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Time To Upgrade To The New iPhone 5S

10 Sep

green_5cApple released their new iPhone 5s today at their annual press conference. They debuted two model iPhones for the first time ever, including the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s I think the 5c stands for 5 color, but realistically it stands for 5 cheap since it’s the less expensive model. The 5s received most of the new features ; below is have listed the new iPhone specs and what they mean to NSD readers:

“The iPhone 5S features a new system-on-a-chip that Apple claims will make it twice as fast as its predecessor and it is the first-ever 64-bit smartphone.” Simply put, this is a faster iPhone, which means less glitches while playing candy crush and faster loading times for PornHub.

“It also features Touch ID, a fingerprint authentication security feature.” I think this means that Continue reading

Get Paid To Surf The Web!

26 Nov

A few weeks ago, a friend told me about a site called Topline that would allow me to make money everyday for doing nothing more than using the internet as I already do. All you have to do is join Topline and then you install a plugin on your browser that replaces the ads on the websites you are visiting with the topline ads. At first I was skeptical about this program, but after some research, I found out it is safe to use. I doesn’t generate a whole lot of money, I get $1.00 for every 1000 points but if you are constantly on the web it adds up over time and free money is free money. I have racked up several thousand points over the past few weeks so far; after a few months I’ll cash out and post an update on how that goes. So while I’m scoping out celebrity phone leaks or any babes for NSD, I’ll be making money from Topline. If you’re interested in giving it a try, checkout

In honor of surfing the web, I have posted a gallery of hot girls surfing. See below…

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Soundrop is Cool

19 Jun

Avid NSD reader PleasureYoMomz (he’s still working on a name but thought this would do for now) decided to take his loudly stated opinions, 99% of which are centered around the absolutely-not supported-by NSD hatred of Apple products, Dave Matthews Band, and Starbucks, and put pen to paper and write something for us.  It’s on music (besides DMB, which was good in high school, come on) that we see eye to eye, and Pleasure is dead on in his love for Soundrop. Let’s hope YoMomz comes back and gives us some more thoughts.  Actually, given our staff’s unabashed love for Apple, maybe a For and Against article would be an order.  If YoMomz can actually put together a series of points that make any sense against Apple, we’d be happy to craft an easy rebuttal (something like: if you don’t have apple products you are an idiot).  Enough talk.  Soundrop is awesome.   I’ll let him do the talking from here.

A while back NSD posted about services like  The concept was great, the execution not so much.  But now with the recent popularity explosion of Spotify, third parties are creating incredible add-ons to an already incredible service.  Enter Soundrop.  Continue reading

This Dorm Room looks Incredible

2 May

It’s obvious this kid is a genius.  I have no idea how you would even begin to set something like this us, and to go along with his technical prowess, he made it incredibly practical but also hilarious.  The question is, does that Romantic mode ever get any use?  About 3 minutes in I was starting to have that bad feeling that in a few years Sorkin would be writing snappy dialogue for the latest movie about a boy genius who never get any ass and now is a huge dick to everyone.  Four minutes in, on party mode, with blasting Levels?  Come on.  This kid is banging girls every night.  Awesome stuff.   Worth noting that the background music for the first section was the same that was used for the equally incredible-looking google glasses video a few weeks back.  Lends itself perfectly to cool technology videos I guess.

Pinterest for Guys

10 Apr

In the last few months it has become a standard that every girl spends several hours at work obsessing over the new female fad, commonly known as Pinterest.  Us guys don’t really understand what’s so great about sharing pictures of clothes, art, and table centerpieces, but something about it has sparked an uproar among the female population.  So is there a Pinterest for guy stuff?

Apparently there is…  A website, called Snatchly, has combined the Pin-board model with what guys have interest in, to create something just as addictive as crack.  Beware, unlike Pinterest, Snatchly is Not Safe For Work.  Here is what is does, Continue reading

Where is iTunes Social Integration?

8 Mar

I need to get this off my chest…  Apple is an amazing company that has produced so many prestigious products, many of them which I have bought myself.  But what is Apple waiting for when it comes to social integration in iTunes?  Sure, in 2010 Apple released the PING network which integrated a music-oriented social network into iTunes, but it SUCKS!  Nobody uses it, and it seems like it’s only purpose is for artists to advertise their music.  That’s not what I’m looking for.  I’m looking for a way for users to share their music collections, preferably through facebook.

I know, I know, Spotify already does this.  And yes, I think Spotify hit the nail on the head with their social integration.  Sharing music and playlists with friends, listening to what your friends are listening to, and the overall facebook integration is perfect.  However, not as many users are on spotify and they charge a monthly fee to use their mobile app.  Apple needs to step up their game, and take a page out of Spotify’s book.  Implementing the social features that Spotify offers would bring iTunes up to speed with today’s social networking.

I always am updating my music library with the newest tunes and social integration in a future iTunes release would be a great feature to share new songs with friends.  I hope Apple is reading!

Apple Media Event: The New iPad

7 Mar

Apple released several new products at today’s media event but the big news was The New Ipad.  Here are the new features discussed earlier in the day:

-Retina Display

-A5X Chip

-4G LTE Capable

-5MP Rear Camera

-1080P Video Recording

-Same Battery Life

What do I think?  Should you buy it?  If you want an iPad with a data plan (Verizon or AT&T), I suggest you buy The New iPad with 4G/LTE capability.  However, if you are comfortable with just a wifi antenna, I reccomend Continue reading

2012 Startups Part II

9 Jan

Last week, Don’tTazeMeBro posted a link to another blog’s article on 15 Startups to Watch in 2012.  This week, I’m featuring 3 startups that I personally will be following in 2012.  These 3 upcoming startups are online websites that offer free services I can see myself using in the nightlife, transportation, and gym industries. 

Coming into the new year, everyone has their resolutions they try to stick to.  Why you have to use a new year as a reason to declare a resolution opposed to any other day beats me.  I personally don’t believe in New Years Resolutions.  However, Continue reading

Coolest Urinals

27 Dec

Every time I go to a new bar or club, one thing I evaluate the experience by are the bathrooms.  The faster/cleaner/unique the bathrooms are, the higher in my book I value the establishment.  One thing in particular I’m not fond of are bathroom attendants.  They are just annoying.  I don’t need someone to turn on the water or hand me a paper towel.  In a crowded bar environment, they only get in the way if there is a line to use the urinal.  In any case, I came across a video of the coolest urinals that every bathroom should have.  I’m sure we all have thought of an idea like this before, and now it is a reality.

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Got jet pack?

2 Dec

Remember the movie The Rocketeer?  Well it just got real.  The other day as I was flipping through the TV channels I came across this on the news.   At a recent Switzerland air show, ‘Jet Man’ Yves Rossy gave an incredible flying display, using a tailor-made jet pack. The aviation enthusiast jumped from a helicopter and performed a series of aerial acrobatics above the Swiss Alps.  Rossy then joined two jet planes in a synchronized flight. To synchronize their flight paths the jets reduced their speed to 137 miles per hour, which put their engines at a point close to stalling. Rossy’s previous aerial feats include flying the English Channel and looping the loop around a hot-air balloon.

This is what I want for christmas!