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Female Guest Post: How to Hook up in the Winter

16 Nov

Everyone knows hooking up in the winter is almost impossible.  Gone are the days of heading to the beach and hooking up at a beach bar and offering to bring a girl back to your boat (which is a clearly a lie but always works).  Instead you are greeted with 4 months straight of mind-numbing coldness not to mention about 4 hours of sunlight during the day.  I’m convinced 70% of the female population goes into full hibernation during the winter, choosing to spend fridays having “girl’s nights in” which means sitting around in sweatshirts watching romcoms. The other problem with the winter is that there’s no way to look good.  In the summer you just throw on a bathing suit, t shirt, and sunglasses, and you’re golden.  In the winter?  A…sweatshirt?  About 10 layers to get the 10 degree weather away from you?

Luckily for us at NSD, we have a female guest writer willing to help with what she claims are tried and true tips for how to look good enough to actually score in the winter time. Enjoy her tips after the jump.   Continue reading