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Triple Jumper Snežana Rodić Has a Great Ass, Olympics Have Creepy Camera Men

31 Jul

Snežana Rodić is an Olympic Triple Jumper from Slovenia. She also fits perfectly into National Skirt Day’s current theme of Hot Olympians. An Olympics camera man recently shot the following footage of Snezana’s butt warm up. Granted, it must be boring at times being a camera man at the Olympics but come on.. what does your supervisor say when you give him your footage of the day and there is just 1:20 focused solely on this girl’s ass? Promotion? Check it out, it’s pretty classic.


More pictures of Snezana after the jump.. Continue reading

So Apparently the Dutch Field Hockey Team is Pretty Hot

30 Jul


Yahoo recently posted an article about the Dutch women’s field hockey team. Not about how talented they are obviously, but about how hot they are. Apparently the team has developed a pretty fervent group of followers at the Olympics. Obviously, as devoted followers of all things skirt-related, we approve. They’re playing against Japan tomorrow at 9:30 if you’re curious in oggling a group of very fit female athletes in orange skirts run around. Here’s hoping they’re all over 18, right?

15 Hottest Olympian Women

27 Jul

Let’s face it, the Olympics are a little overwhelming.  There are hundreds of sports, thousands of athletes, and tens of thousands of hours of television coverage (all exact numbers).  More importantly, half of the athletes are women, and although you should just blindingly rooting for the US in every event, what happens if the final doesn’t have anyone from the US? Or if it’s a sport the US doesn’t typically flourish in?  In that case, it’s important to use a guide such as this: the 15 hottest 2012 olympians.  Now, when your buddy says “shit nothing is on tv, only the field hockey final is on, you can say, “Yes, Fatima Moreira de Melo is so hot” and immediately be deemed the coolest person in the party.  Disclaimer: this list excludes Leryn Franco, who is by far the hottest girl in the entire Olympics and has so many absurd pictures that she got her own NSD approved post which ran yesterday. List and gallery after the jump:  Continue reading

NSD Approved: Olympic Javelin Thrower Leryn Franco

25 Jul

I have to admit I’d never heard of Leryn Franco until about 20 minutes ago.  I was minding my own business, looking for pictures of the hottest 15 olympic female athletes I could find to post on opening day of the olympics (post going up Friday), and I stumbled across a picture of this girl.  A quick google search yielded literally thousands of pictures of one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen in any setting, let alone an olympic athlete.  She’s a Paraguayan Javelin thrower?  That is one of the most random combinations of words I’ve ever typed in a sentence.  Apparently she’s a full model in the offseason, for good reason.  Some of these pictures are pretty risque, so click on them at your own risk.  When NBC is showing tape delay Javelin Throwing matches (meets?) at 3AM, I will be watching.   Full gallery after the jump.   Continue reading

ESPN Body Issue 2012

11 Jul

The ESPN body issue is always a little conflicting for us here at National Skirt Day. Obviously everyone enjoys a fit girl. If she’s so jacked that she could clearly kick the shit out of you, then you’re in trouble. This dilemma is one that is common when playing hot or not with the girls of the ESPN Body Issue. Check out the pics below and see for yourself.

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Alex Tanney is good at Football

17 May

Pretty cool story. Random QB from tiny Monmouth College makes a video of himself doing some trick throws, and now he’s trying out for an NFL team.  The thing that makes you think with this video is…why didn’t any school other than Monmouth College want this guy?  Does this mean that literally every QB in the country at bigger schools than Monmouth can do even cooler shit?  Like what can a guy like Drew Brees do? Show me a video of Drew Brees doing some trick throws.  Or is this only as impressive as a Harlem Globetrotter?  Sure, he can throw and hit some pylons 50 yards away, but can he hit Wes Welker on an easy cross route?  Obviously every NFL quarterback can make that throw.  Especially if it’s the super bowl to win against the hated giants.  Yeah that’s right fuck you Tom Brady.

Revel Casino in AC Looks Amazing

27 Mar

This summer’s AC trips just got even better.  Not sure how I haven’t heard about this but I guess I haven’t been since last summer–all throughout the winter, a $2.4 billion casino has been being built on the beach, strictly to host my soon-to-come craps heaters.  Here are the stats:

“With a 20-acre footprint, the 47-story Revel – the tallest building in Atlantic City – covers 6.3 million square feet and features more than 1,800 rooms and suites, all with ocean views.  It will have 14 restaurants, many run by celebrity chefs, including Jose Garces and Marc Frangione, 55,000-square feet of retail, a 31,000-square-foot spa, two nightclubs and a dayclub, 10 pools, and 160,000 square feet of meeting space.”

Revel opens late May.  I can’t wait.  Summer needs to get here.