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Best Beer Pong Table Ever!

23 Feb

Here at NSD, we love to play beer pong when we aren’t working to cover new girls and entertainment.  As the years have gone by since college, beer pong has become less prevalent as the bar scene has become more standard.  However, while pregaming for your night, it never hurts to get start a competitive game of beer pong.  Especially if it is with Bud Light Platinums.  Back in college, everyone had a custom pong table, that was the primary way of getting hammered and it also served to express one’s self by design.  We’ve decided to post pictures of what we think is the most unique table we have ever come across.  Not only does the table featured below have layers upon layers of polyurethane, neon lights, regulation size…  But it has pumps to allow FLOATING BALLS!  Who else has that?  Check out the video below to be amazed. Continue reading

Do This.

27 Jan


Maybe it’s because I spent my childhood unable to do magic eyes, subject to the merciless bullying of all the people, that this makes me so excited.  But I can’t imagine anyone doing this and immediately being as amazed as I was.  I have absolutely no idea how this works.  David Blaine has been locking himself in ice cubes and burying himself alive for the last 20 years to convince me that magic is real, and this did it in 30 seconds.  Take the time and do this, believe me.  Make sure you click the picture to enlarge it by the way.