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15 Ways To Save A Lot Of Money On Your Wedding Infographic

20 Jan

It is always important to think about proper wedding budgeting because of a really simple reason: the more you manage to save, the higher the possibility you would be able to have that dream wedding you surely want. The infographic presented here can easily aid you to be able to squeeze more in.

A Gumtree graphic - 15 Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding Day

15 Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding Day is a graphic produced by

Blood Drinking is Not Pharrell’s Secret Youth Formula

30 Apr Pharrelll cetaphil

His fountain of youth is much more basic.

Time Out London once asked Pharrell if he achieved his apparently permanent youth by becoming a vampire. His reply was simple and to the point. “No, I am not. I’m willing to go on record as saying that I don’t drink people’s blood. How do I stay so young-looking for a 40-year-old? I wash my face.” That’s what he said in this interview at least:

Such a simple solution to his youthful appearance is mystifying. We could never imitate his sharp cheekbones and chiseled face, but we would love to find his true secret. Pharrell has shared his routine for taking care of his skin before and even divulged Naomi Campbell’s tips and tricks. There are still rumors on various websites and social media outlets that insist he must be one of the ageless undead. On Vulture’s “Which Pharrell is Older?” quiz, we simply couldn’t determine who it was.

Pharrelll cetaphil

If just washing his face is the secret to his complexion, we can just hold out hope that more information will be forthcoming. Until then, Cetaphil can help our skin maintain its youthful look. It’s not expensive by the way, you can buy it for just over $10 at Amazon.

Did You See The New Ferrari?

11 Mar

In case you missed it last week, Ferrari introduced its new flagship supercar, the LaFerrari, Italian for “TheFerrari.” Code named the F150, the car that replaces the Enzo at the top of the Ferrari hierarchy made its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, easily stealing the limelight from all other debuts. Although the name is kind of lame, its looks make up for it. The new model is simply stunning. Check it out the gallery below…

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Crazy Russians

11 Mar

Warning: the video posted below will give you sweaty palms and drive you insane while anxiety overcomes you. That’s how I felt while watching it. This is a video of a bunch of Russians who clearly aren’t afraid to die and are possibly on some type of drugs that make doing dumb shit on top of a tower fun. I am willing to bet these guys aren’t around anymore to talk about these types of stunts because they seem to have a death wish. Check out this video, make sure you’re on secure ground while doing so.

Happy Halloween from NSD

26 Oct

Happy Halloween from all of us here at NSD. Obviously I realize that Halloween is on the 31st, but unless you are under the age of about 16 then you know that this weekend is when all the biggest costume parties will happen. If you aren’t planning on going out this weekend you clearly navigated to this website by mistake and you should immediately click the back button on your browser.  Obviously everyone in the world is going out this weekend, but I know another group is actually out there reading this–those that aren’t dressing up.  “Oh that’s so lame why would I put effort into dressing up.”  “Dude who cares it’s not a big deal I’ll just tell them I’m going as myself.”  Listen assholes, dress up.  Somewhere along the lines somebody much smarter than any of us somehow convinced girls aged 18-30 that since it was Halloween you are allowed to dress as slutty as humanly possible for that one night a year.  A girl wants to go as a witch?  Suddenly it’s a “slutty witch.”  If every guy thought like you, guy I’m talking to who is not planning on dressing up, then girls wouldn’t either and then it would just be a normal weekend.  Go to the store, buy something, and wear it.  Please.  Happy Halloween.

Las Vegas DUI Checkpoint Refusal

9 Mar

We don’t condone drinking and driving however this is a video you have to watch.  I’m sure this varies state to state but I had no idea you weren’t required to participate in a cop’s DUI checkpoint games.  Staying silent might always be your best bet.  Here is what I’ve learned when dealing with the police…

When they have that uniform and badge on, their job description is to find a reason to put your ass in jail. They are not talking to you because they want to be your new buddy. They dont want to go shopping with you, or go on a date to the movies. They are talking to you so they can find a reason to Continue reading

Video of the Week

24 Feb

I don’t know what this ad is for.  Pistachios?  I also don’t know what language this video is written in.  Is this Czech?  Azerbajani?  I really don’t know.  These are questions that really aren’t important to ask, and you’ll see why after watching this video.  I don’t know about you but I really want to go buy a bag of pistachios now.  Marketing execs should take notes.

Best Beer Pong Table Ever!

23 Feb

Here at NSD, we love to play beer pong when we aren’t working to cover new girls and entertainment.  As the years have gone by since college, beer pong has become less prevalent as the bar scene has become more standard.  However, while pregaming for your night, it never hurts to get start a competitive game of beer pong.  Especially if it is with Bud Light Platinums.  Back in college, everyone had a custom pong table, that was the primary way of getting hammered and it also served to express one’s self by design.  We’ve decided to post pictures of what we think is the most unique table we have ever come across.  Not only does the table featured below have layers upon layers of polyurethane, neon lights, regulation size…  But it has pumps to allow FLOATING BALLS!  Who else has that?  Check out the video below to be amazed. Continue reading

Do This.

27 Jan


Maybe it’s because I spent my childhood unable to do magic eyes, subject to the merciless bullying of all the people, that this makes me so excited.  But I can’t imagine anyone doing this and immediately being as amazed as I was.  I have absolutely no idea how this works.  David Blaine has been locking himself in ice cubes and burying himself alive for the last 20 years to convince me that magic is real, and this did it in 30 seconds.  Take the time and do this, believe me.  Make sure you click the picture to enlarge it by the way.