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NSD Partner Deal of the Week: PartyPong Tables

25 Aug

Here at NSD, we always look to provide you with advice, commentary, and of course, pictures of hot girls.  Starting today, we’ll be providing you with a deal every once in awhile from one of our partners.  Today’s comes from PartyPongTables.  Whether you call it Beirut or beer pong, there’s no denying it’s the most entertaining and prevalent drinking game in the country. Seriously, what did people do to pregame before beer pong? Apparently beer pong didn’t exist in the generation before us.  You ever tell see the look on your dad’s face when you tell him about it?  His face will turn from confusion, to realization, to anger and regret that his college days weren’t filled with 15-0 runs on the table.  Recently, a prominent magazine published the “best five feelings in life,” which were, in no particular order: Your first kiss, seeing your first child’s face for the first time, the day you’re married, winning the lottery, and hitting the last cup in beer pong. Beer pong doesn’t end after college; in fact, for the first time, you might have some money to buy some nice things.  Check out custom beer pong tables and beer pong balls, with options for every sport and complete customization.  And oh by the way, they have a partnership with Playboy, so there’s always that as well.  PartyPongTables is currently offering eight foot tables starting at $69.99, so click over here for the deal. Enjoy.