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Kate Upton is Still Hot

28 Feb

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

– Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

That was the quote that will go down in history as one of the dumbest comments of all time.  I say one of, because approximately 10 months ago, I wrote a ranting post on this very website saying how Kate Upton was overrated and did not deserve to be known as the hottest girl in the world.  For every day of the last 10 months, those words have been haunting me, as Upton has been everywhere looking better by the day. This ad is no exception.  Marketers, take notice: As Always, all you need to do, again, ALL YOU NEED TO DO, is put a hot girl in an ad.  It will do better than anything else you try.  Every time. Now I need to cut this post short as I rent a car and begin driving the 65 miles to the closest Carl’s Jr.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Looks Good

27 Feb

If you didn’t see Game of Thrones last season, you need to catch up quick because season 2 starts April 1st and is sure to be amazing.  I don’t care if you don’t like fantasy shows, or you think it’s like dungeons and dragons shit, believe me, it’s not.  I was equally skeptical as some of you are reading this, and about 20 minutes in you’ll be hooked.  If you like great writing, complex plots, hot naked girls, and over the top violence, this show is for you. THE KING OF THE NORTH. THE KING OF THE NORTH.

NSD Approved: Lake Bell

2 Feb

Lake Bell is weirdly attractive.  She’s like one of those girls you don’t think is that hot when you first meet her, but every time you see her she gets a little more attractive.  Maybe it’s her personality, maybe it is how she dresses, maybe it’s a little bit of both.  Whatever your reasoning, everyone has those girls that they think are cute but their friends just don’t see it.  Lake Bell is one of those for me.  I had always seen her in shitty romcoms playing the “unlucky in love friend,” and honestly I never gave her much notice.  That changed when I started watching How to Make it in America, where she plays Ben’s ex-girlfriend as a quirky, fashion-savvy Brooklyn girl who quits her job to travel the world.  She comes off incredibly endearing and you also realize this: she is hot.  And apparently it’s not just me.  GQ and Esquire seem to share my weird affinity.  Either way, after the jump check out her whole spread in the always incredible Me in My Place.    Continue reading

Kids Receive Terrible Presents

15 Dec

Jimmy Kimmel had the simple yet brilliant idea to have viewers give their little kids one Christmas present weeks in advance, but instead of giving them a real present, giving them something terrible and watching their reactions. Their reactions is obviously hilarious.  If my parents would have given me any of these I legit would burned down the house, so too bad Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t around when I was little.  Hilarious idea.  This is why Jimmy Kimmel gets paid the big bucks.

Who’s that Girl? Hannah Simone

14 Dec

New Girl has been pitched relentlessly on Fox as a Zooey Deschanel vehicle, for good reason.  Zooey Deschanel is obviously hot in a weird, hipster, nerdy way.  She sings, she wears quirky clothes, and she just generally is endearing as shit.  But where Fox goes wrong is not showing more Hannah Simone in their previews.  Simone is a model and a former VJ in Canada, born in England, with Indian ethnicity.  Her ambiguous, exotic look, mixed with her amazing body makes her easily the best part about the show.  Also worth mentioning the show is actually hilarious.  Enjoy a full gallery of photos after the jump.

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Get Ready for Jersey Shore: Season 5

9 Dec

The series keeps it going with another season premiering January 5th.  We go back to Seaside Heights following a messy trip to Italy.  The show follows the gang around the shore during the months of this past summer.  The preview promises more drama, more tanning, more fist pumping at club Karma, more fake tits, and more Ron Ron Juice.  Surprisingly, it looks like Vinny leaves the show.  Although there are a few cast members that manage to get on our nerves every episode, we still love the show.  Rumor is, this is the last season with this cast and the one after will have a new group while the original members move on to their own spinoffs.

Check below for additional footage from the upcoming season…

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Recap

30 Nov


Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima


There is no excuse for any guy to have missed the 2011 Victoria’s Secret show last night.  However, in the event someone idiotically booked a flight or decided to work a night shift during the hour, we have you covered.  Check below for the gallery… Continue reading