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What Is Going To Happen To Walter White?

23 Sep

Breaking Bad

Only one episode left in the Breaking Bad series. Next Sunday the finale will tell all, and Vince Giligan has informed us the show will be conclusive. So, this isn’t going to be an ending like Lost where most people don’t quite understand it. Vince gave a clue about the ending and said the word “woodworking” will be the theme of the episode. Not sure what that means but I have a few of my own theories on how the show will end.

Walter White is back in town and we’re not sure what he is planning to do. It seems like he is ready to go on a rampage by the look of the machine gun in his trunk. Most likely he wants to get the rest of his money back from Jack, who stole it after they killed Hank a few episodes ago. Walter most likely also wants to make good with his family. However, I’m not sure if it’s possible to get his family to forgive him unless he turns himself in to the authorities.

So is Walter White going to die at the end? If Walter does die, I think Jesse kills him. Jessie and Walter have been the main characters since episode one a few years ago. It only makes sense, that after all the manipulation and problems caused by Walter, that Jesse is the one to take him out. I do think Walter will die, and I think a great ending would be if Walter Junior found the original video tape that Walter recorded in the first episode from season one. If you remember, Walter made a quick video right before he was about to be arrested saying that he was sorry and his intentions were to do everything for his family. Maybe that is the only other way to get his family’s respect back if he is killed off.

Well, we have a week to wait, but I’m sure it’s going to be a great ending. Also don’t forget, there is going to be a spin off on Saul’s life that takes place before the Breaking Bad timeline. “Better Call Saul”.

What is the best comedy on television?

16 Oct

Yesterday I posted about dramas and talked about how I hadn’t ever met anyone in my life who actually watches any of the highest rated shows.  It is MUCH, MUCH worse for comedies.  Two and  Half Men? The Big Bang Theory? Mike and Molly? Literally any show on CBS (other than How I Met Your Mother, which I like watching reruns of. Pretty sure the new ones are supposedly terrible though)?  WHO WATCHES THESE SHOWS?  COME FORWARD.  Seriously I want to meet someone and talk to them.  I want to meet them, learn about their interests, try to understand how they ever got to the place in life where they sit down and watch these shows. With comedy it’s a lot harder to make a poll with the few shows that universally are loved by the world outside Two and a Half Men.  Comedy is clearly extremely subjective, more than any other genre, so there’s no way we’ll ever agree.  And in the comedy world, there is a split–there are those comedies seen as the “best,” like Louie and Girls, which both are great in their own ways but no one would try to say they are actually the “funniest” shows on TV.  They’re poignant and completely original, and while they have bursts of hilariousness, you aren’t going to sit there laughing as hard as you do when you watch the other group–The League, Modern Family, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, New Girl, etc.  Not sure where to place Curb Your Enthusiasm, but probably somewhere in between.  But notice I said “what is the best comedy” in the title, not “what is the funniest.”  My vote goes to Louie, but I like everything else that I listed.  I’ll throw in some others for argument’s sake.  Cast your vote below.  And if you watch any of the CBS shows I listed reveal yourself in the comments section.

What is the best drama on television?

15 Oct

Does anyone know anyone who watches CSI?  Or NCIS? Or Law and Order: (any of them. How many are there now?  Are we down to 1?  Are there still like 7?)  Or those firefighter shows? Or any of those lawyer shows?  Or literally any drama on any network?  It’s bizarre that these shows are the biggest hits in the world, and yet I literally have never met ANYONE, EVER, who watches them.  And I live in New York City which is allegedly a melting pot of people from around the world.  That said, I’m sure there places in Wichita, Kansas (sorry for all the Wichita NSD fans out there, I am just pulling that name out of thin air.  At the end of the day more people from Turkey read this site than Kansas so I’m not worried) there’s no one that watches any of the shows I’m going to throw in the ring for the best show currently on TV.  At least the Emmy’s have finally figured this out too, nominating all dramas this year for Emmys.  The poll is below, and vote away.  From my perspective it’s probably Breaking Bad just because of it’s consistency over time, with 10-15 truly unbelievable episodes.  The others I put on the list are probably too new to crown as the best, but after the first two Homeland’s of this year I have high hopes.  And Game of Thrones–people who claim that “it’s too slow” and “not enough happened last season” should probably just go watch David Caruso investigate crime scenes on CSI Miami.  The show has about 6,000 pages of material to work with, sorry it’s not going to have a huge reveal at the end of every episode. Check back tomorrow for the best comedy. If you were wondering I realize this is completely untimely.  I realize the Emmy’s already happen.  I just feel like posting about this.  This is the beauty of having a blog.

NSD Approved: Krysten Ritter

29 Aug

Everyone has girls like Krysten Ritter.  Girls that aren’t hot in a normal way.  Girls that when you say you think they are amazingly hot the whole group laughs and tells you that you’re an idiot.  Krysten Ritter was like that for me.  She wore boots in movies, was kind of gothic, was pale, and had a great sense of humor.  She had a great role in Breaking Bad, only strengthening my adoration (Breaking Bad unbelievable show by the way if you haven’t seen). She was hilarious in She’s Out of My League as the bitchy best friend.  But then she just went ahead and said “oh hey everyone who thought I was just some punk girl with a good sense of humor, look at me in Esquire…” And wow.  Ritter posed for the always great Me in my Place spread for Esquire and left any doubt aside on whether she is hot or not.  She now stars in the truly terrible looking “Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23” that you couldn’t put a gun to my head to make me watch.  But Ritter.  Wow.  NSD Approved.  In my mind anyway….am I still alone? Gallery after the jump.  Continue reading

Hilarious Game of Thrones Impressions

12 Jul

This guy should immediately be cast on SNL. He is already better than 90% of the current cast.  Even if he can literally ONLY do Game of Thrones impressions, this has life for at least one skit per episode. CAST THIS GUY RIGHT NOW.  The Khaleesi blast at the end is the best.

NSD Approved: Meghan Markle

25 Jun

First off, if you aren’t watching Suits, you need to get off your high horse and start watching it.  Yes, I know it’s on USA, which might make you think that it’s a mindless drama only put on during the summer to distract you from real shows.  Not true for Suits.  Watch the first episode (you are only one season behind, and season two just started two weeks ago.  Only 12 episodes) and I guarantee you will be hooked.  The key players: Mike Ross, who is a genius who was kicked out of school and thus unable to become a lawyer.  Harvey Spector, a complete baller senior partner at a huge law firm in NYC.  Spector takes Ross under his wing once he sees him in action and hires him to the firm.  And most importantly, Rachel, played by Meghan Markle, serves as a paralegal and Mike’s love interest.  She, as you can tell above, is ridiculously hot. Markle is an American model whose former credits included holding case #24 on Deal or No Deal and as an agent on Fox’s Frinch.  Since Suits, she’s popped up in last year’s hilarious Horrible Bosses as the delivery girl at the beginning.  After Suits, she better be ridiculously famous or hollywood is broken. The takeaway: watch Suits.  Full gallery of Markle after the jump. Continue reading

Game of Thrones: Who is the Hottest?

7 Jun

There is no doubt about it, the Game of Thrones series has HOT women. Not only are they hot, but the entire cast seems more than willing to get naked. There are so many great sex scenes that it makes every girl watching for the first time think that the show is  a porno. The show is amazing to begin with, and the second season just ended with an unbelievable finale; but which babe is your favorite? We’ll break down all the hotties from the first two seasons…

Some of the links below are NSFW.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys, also known as Khalessi, is arguably one of the hottest characters. She is naked within her first scene and ends the first season naked. She started the series off as the shy Targaryen princess who was sold of to be Kahl Drogo’s wife and Queen aka his girl to bang doggy style on the reg. However, she is now one of the most badsss characters on the show, marching through anything that gets in between her and the throne. Also, she has dragons that breathe fire. It doesn’t get cooler than that. Emilia Clarke, the actress playing Daenerys who oddly enough is a brunette in real life, is from England and hadn’t had a real role before Game of Thrones. Looks like casting turned out pretty damn well. She looks great on and off the screen.













If you watched season 2’s finale, you already know that Doreah will not be making it back for season 3. But for the first two Continue reading

Kate Upton is Still Hot

28 Feb

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

– Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

That was the quote that will go down in history as one of the dumbest comments of all time.  I say one of, because approximately 10 months ago, I wrote a ranting post on this very website saying how Kate Upton was overrated and did not deserve to be known as the hottest girl in the world.  For every day of the last 10 months, those words have been haunting me, as Upton has been everywhere looking better by the day. This ad is no exception.  Marketers, take notice: As Always, all you need to do, again, ALL YOU NEED TO DO, is put a hot girl in an ad.  It will do better than anything else you try.  Every time. Now I need to cut this post short as I rent a car and begin driving the 65 miles to the closest Carl’s Jr.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Looks Good

27 Feb

If you didn’t see Game of Thrones last season, you need to catch up quick because season 2 starts April 1st and is sure to be amazing.  I don’t care if you don’t like fantasy shows, or you think it’s like dungeons and dragons shit, believe me, it’s not.  I was equally skeptical as some of you are reading this, and about 20 minutes in you’ll be hooked.  If you like great writing, complex plots, hot naked girls, and over the top violence, this show is for you. THE KING OF THE NORTH. THE KING OF THE NORTH.

NSD Approved: Lake Bell

2 Feb

Lake Bell is weirdly attractive.  She’s like one of those girls you don’t think is that hot when you first meet her, but every time you see her she gets a little more attractive.  Maybe it’s her personality, maybe it is how she dresses, maybe it’s a little bit of both.  Whatever your reasoning, everyone has those girls that they think are cute but their friends just don’t see it.  Lake Bell is one of those for me.  I had always seen her in shitty romcoms playing the “unlucky in love friend,” and honestly I never gave her much notice.  That changed when I started watching How to Make it in America, where she plays Ben’s ex-girlfriend as a quirky, fashion-savvy Brooklyn girl who quits her job to travel the world.  She comes off incredibly endearing and you also realize this: she is hot.  And apparently it’s not just me.  GQ and Esquire seem to share my weird affinity.  Either way, after the jump check out her whole spread in the always incredible Me in My Place.    Continue reading