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Tomorrowland 2012: Is this the greatest video of all time?

17 Sep

When I posted last year’s tomorrowland video I made some dumbass comment about how it was probably one of the best videos I’ve ever seen.  Now I use superlatives and exaggerations a lot, as you probably know from reading these posts.  Last week the Tomorrowland 2012 after movie came out, and I’m not going to use a superlative.  I’m just going to ask the question, “Is this the greatest video of all time?”  I’m not saying anything because I’m sure next year’s will be somehow better than this, but thinking of that is mind boggling.  If you don’t know, Tomorrowland is basically the mecca for house music.  Like casual house music fans will go to clubs on saturday nights and have a good time and maybe go to an avicii show here or there.  Intense house music fans will go to a bunch of festivals a year, EDC, Electric Zoo, maybe even fly out to a few.  But everyone knows that one guy who goes to 3-4 shows every week and flies around the world for electronic music shows.  That guy has probably been to this.  Well after watching this video it is time for the NSD to move up a notch and take the plunge.  There is absolutely no way I’m missing this shit next year.  Oh my god.  Just watch the video.

Electric Zoo 2012 Was A Success

4 Sep

For those of you that made it Electric Zoo, you experienced an unbelievable weekend of electronic music from a wide range of DJs complimented by all sorts of trippy encounters and light shows. A week before the event I came across Swedish House Mafia’s latest single, Don’t You Worry Child. This song is so fucking unbelievable, I urge you to lock yourself in a room and blast it from your speakers on repeat. It’s too bad that Swedish House Mafia is going separate ways, there music is genius. On the upside, I was able to see Axwell on Saturday, and he put on an amazing show and played it. Best performance of the day for sure, and the song rocked. I was never aware of this but apparently Swedish House Mafia released a documentary a few years ago of their tour and behind the scenes production. I will be buying and watching Take One this weekend. Rolling Stone magazine said it best, DJs are the rock stars of today.

Skirt Jam of the Week – 3Lau – H8

24 Aug

I don’t think I need to tell you this, but if you are reading this after 3PM today then you need to calmly navigate away from this page, get on the train or in your car, and head to the beach.  If you haven’t checked a calendar in awhile, this is the second to last weekend of the summer.  Obviously you have plans for next weekend already since it’s labor day, but make this one count too.  When you’re walking around in January in the pitch black in your jacket, you’ll thank me.  If you still don’t feel motivated, listen to this song.  You’ll want to have fun afterward, I promise.  This guy Justin Blau, (goes by 3Lau) is great in general as a side note.

Skirt Jam of the Week: Pitbull – Get It Started featuring Shakira (Jump Smokers Remix)

20 Aug

Pitbull has made the full transition to incorporating electronic sound into his music as this is the decade where house music has taken over. The latest I’ve heard heard from him will surely make it to top ten songs of September that you want to hear at your local bar spot. Pitbull put together ‘Get It Started’ that has a strong electronic influence, as well as a very catching and upbeat chorus by Shakira. And lets not forget about how hot Shakira is. I believe this is the first electronic track I have heard from Shakira, maybe she keeps most of these for her home country, Columbia. However, I needed more bass and more electronic instrumental; and that is exactly what you get with the Jump Smokers Remix. Check out the song below, and the gallery exclusively of Shakira after the jump.

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Tribute to Tony Scott

20 Aug

As you know, Tony Scott died over the weekend.  Here at NSD headquarters we chose to blast our tears away with 8 hours straight of the Top Gun, Crimson Tide, and Days of Thunder soundtracks.  Not only did we have one of our most productive days of all time, we ended up talking about all the great things that Tony Scott has produced over the years.  Top Gun, obviously.  But so many more.  Crimson Tide.  Enemy of the State.  Days of Thunder.  Man on Fire. True Romance.  The guy’s track record is full of hits, and ones that are some of the highest on the rewatchability scale.  Tony will live on through his movies.  Give this one a watch for Tony.

Skirt Jam of the Week: Alesso – Years

7 Aug

FINALLY! After being initially dropped earlier this year in Swedish House Mafia’s takeover of Pete Tong’s legendary BBC Radio 1 show, ‘Years’ is available for purchase. It’s been awhile since Alesso released a track, those Swedes really take their time in the studio but love to hype a track months before it is released. Last week Alesso published to his facebook fan page wall the finalized version of ‘Years’. The track features Mathew Koma. I’m a little bit biased because Alesso is one of my favorite’s but check out the track below, it’s great.

More upcoming tracks in the EDM World:

Alesso & Dirty South – City Of Dreams

Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Eclipse

Vinioci – Light Up

Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child

Avicii – Music Box

You can get a preview of them on youtube from recent performances.

Skirt Jam of the Week – Parov Stelar – Nobody’s Fool (AGTrio Remix)

27 Jun

I admit I don’t know much about Parov Stelar.  Apparently he’s pretty well known in Europe and in the electronica world overall, but admittedly I only started listening to electronica in the last couple of years. The cliffs notes: he’s 37, he’s Austrian, he tours alone and with his band, and he heads a music label as well.  Most importantly, he makes incredible songs like this one.  Put this on, and you will be happy.  I just got done watching the movie The Grey, and I can guarantee you if those guys had some Parov Stelar to listen to during some of those lonely nights with the wolves they would have had more optimism.