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Bootleg 7 minute Dark Knight Rises Trailer

14 Dec

Some kid went to the IMAX Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and managed to bootleg the top half of the 7 minute trailer for Dark Knight Rises… May be the most awesome seven minutes of half a screen of a trailer I’ve ever seen. It’s only playing at 70MM IMAX theaters, of which there at only 42, so this may be your only chance to see this. From what I can tell from half an IMAX screen, this movie is going to be amazing. Tailer after the jump.  Continue reading

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Looks Good

13 Dec

Not sure why there’s this backlash against Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from guys.  “Oh I don’t want to see that, it’s some girly book.” Listen, just because the title has “girl” in the title, and girls also enjoy reading it means it’s a “girly book.”  It’s about a journalist who tracks down a serial killer with the help of an amazing girl detective.  And the movie is clearly going to be amazing–David Fincher directing in his follow-up to the Social Network, great cast, Oscar-season release date.  Love it or hate it, you gotta admit this is one of the best previews of 2011.

This Movie Looks Horrifying

9 Nov

I saw this preview in front of Paranormal Activity 3 and it was literally the scariest 2 minutes I’ve ever witnessed.  The movie hadn’t even started and I was already considering walking out of the theater.  Truly terrifying. I’m not even sure this is the right clip because I refuse to watch even 5 seconds of this ever again. Devil Inside comes out in early January. You can find me that weekend probably seeing this movie like an idiot, because I am the most susceptible person to peer pressure in the country.  Movie studios need to stop doing this.

Berenice Marlohe is the New Bond Girl

3 Nov

Ehh.   Not sure how I feel about this girl.  She’s obviously attractive, and she’s French which is a plus.  The last two Bond girls were similarly unknown foreign actresses, and they obviously turned out fantastic (Eva Green and Olga Kurylenko).  Judging by this slide show (and this is literally all of the pictures that exist.  I scoured google images and found nothing but these) though she honestly isn’t that attractive.   Regardless the new movie, called Skyfall, will guaranteed to at least be better than Quantum of Solace.  Javier Bardem plays the villain, and we all know how terrifying he can be (No Country for Old Men).  Also Sam Mendes is directing, who you may remember from one of the all time greats, American Beauty.  At the end of the day a Bond movie could be directed by M. Night Shyamalan starring Kim Kardashian and I’d still see it.

American Reunion – First Preview

1 Nov

I didn’t do my usual X Movie looks (insert superlative like Incredible, Good, or Amazing) title because it’s almost impossible to tell whether this will be good or not.  More likely, the title should have been American Reunion Looks Bad, but with these movies, it doesn’t really matter how bad it looks or how stupid the actual movie is.  The original American Pie was legendary, if only because I was at the exact age (13) where sneaking into movies to see boobs was literally the only thing you wanted to do.  The next two both came out in high school too, and I have great memories of both (not of the movies, but of the elaborate plans my friends and I had to get into them.  American Wedding was the worst, where we had just made it through the previews when the theater owners turned on all the lights and said “THREE PEOPLE ARE HERE WHO SHOULDN’T BE.”  Needless to say they didn’t buy our “Oh we thought this was Space Cowboys” excuse.  The new preview tells two things.  One, half of the movies will be scenes of all the guys walking down hallways in a straight horizontal line.  Who ever walks like that?  Would you be able to even see the person on the other side?  Second, Katrina Bowden, who we profiled months ago as being ridiculously hot, will be playing OZ’s girlfriend.  I always figured that if they made another American Pie I’d be much older and wouldn’t be into seeing boobs as much.  The first part is true.  I am much older.  The second…we all know that’s not true.  Looking forward to this one.

Paranormal Activity 3 Looks Terrifying

19 Oct

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself.  You can’t really blame me for seeing the first one.  I had never really been scared of horror movies in the past.  I would go to them with girls, put my arm around them, and laugh at the scary scenes.  Then I saw Paranormal Activity in the theater and…oh my god. Literally wouldn’t get out of bed to go to the bathroom for weeks at night.  Then, about a year later, I started seeing previews for the second one and…I saw that one in the theater too, this time in IMAX.  About 5 minutes in I immediately knew I had made a mistake.  Weeks of bedridden bladder problems again ensued.  And now this.  The preview alone terrifies me.  And I know I’m going to see it this weekend.  I can’t stop.  What an idiot.  Do not go see these movies or you’ll end up like me.

The Avengers Looks Awesome

11 Oct

The first full trailer to The Avengers was released today, and it obviously looks awesome.  Although honestly they literally could have shown 2 minutes of a naked man doing jumping jacks in a room by himself and I’d still see this movie.  I especially liked the “Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist” line, which is immediately going to take the place of my current comeback, “No, you’re stupid.” Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist just seems like a more irrefutable argument.

And the Razzie goes to…Jack & Jill

23 Sep

Earlier this week we profiled the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio movie J Edgar as a possible best picture lock at the Academy Awards. What we failed to mention was the more prestigious awards, the Razzies.  This year’s worst picture category only has one surefire inclusion so far, Bucky Larson (which scored an incredible 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, while averaging 8 people per theater, nationwide).  But look no further than Adam Sandler’s newest attempt at being funny for the first time in 10 years, Jack and Jill. Anyone who has seen how funny Adam Sandler can actually be should be truly offended by how terrible his movies are at this point. After his incredible starting run of Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore/Wedding Singer/Waterboy/Big Daddy, Sandler slowly dissolved into terrible romcoms and formulaic buddy comedies.  He’s reached a new low this year, with the  romcom Just Go With it with Jennifer Aniston and now Jack and Jill, which looks truly horrible.  Continue reading

And the Oscar goes to…J Edgar

20 Sep

The full trailer to J Edgar was released yesterday, and…wow.  Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts, Judi Dench, and Armie Hammer (the Winklevoss twins from The Social Network), J Edgar obviously tells the life story of the man behind the FBI, J Edgar Hoover.  This movie looks to be Warner Bros’ clear attempt at a Best Picture contender, and from the looks of the movie it has a shot.   The trailer aside, DiCaprio truly makes only great movies at this point, and is currently on par with Tom Hanks 90’s run of Philadelphia/ForrestGump/Apollo 13/Saving Private Ryan/Green Mile.  Eastwood is pretty much the same, with seemingly a best picture candidate every year.  Check out the trailer.

“In Time” Looks Awesome

11 Aug

I still can’t figure out if Justin Timberlake is actually a full movie star, but I’m willing to admit he’s gone the full patented Leonardo DiCaprio route of douche bag who all guys hate into a guy who actually seems pretty cool.  Ask any guy about DiCaprio right after Titanic?  Across the board hatred.  Now? A great actor who makes consistently good movies and bangs supermodels.  Timberlake has gone a similar route going from N Sync band member, to making a couple good solo albums, to making the hilarious Dick in a Box, and now starring in a string of movies. His next one, In Time, has a great premise, where everyone is given an amount of “time” at birth, with the wealthiest people accumulating an absurd amount and living forever.  This probably has a 50% chance of being terrible, but who doesn’t like futuristic movies?  I’ll literally watch anything set in the future. I’m pretty sure I was the only person in the country who actually liked A.I., for example. Either way, this also stars the ridiculously hot Olivia Wilde and Amanda Seyfried (looking completely different and really good actually.  I’ve never thought she was that hot but she looks good here), so it will be worth seeing for that reason alone.