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Will ‘The Internship’ Be As Funny As ‘Wedding Crashers’?

25 Feb

Coming to theaters in June, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are bringing us a new comedy that most of us are hoping will live up to Wedding Crashers’ hilarity. The duo is back to bring us more comedy as they take on internships at Google after losing their jobs. Wilson and Vaughn are so good together that it really doesn’t matter what the premise of the film is; this movie is likely to be a favorite. Now the film gets even sweeter as Variety has word that Will Ferrell will have a small role in the film. The erstwhile Chaz will play Wilson’s brother-in-law, an electronics salesman who can’t resist hitting on his customers.

NSD Approved: Briana Evigan

22 Aug

This girl is probably in 90% of movies you watch while either badly hungover on a Saturday morning or put on as a joke while pregaming on the Friday night before.  Every time it happens the same way.  Someone puts on something like Sorority Row as a joke, then we get hooked up when Briana Evigan comes on the screen.  This girl has the market cornered on bad but entertaining horror movies, while looking amazing running around screaming.   Let’s give this girl a break and hand her one of Katherine Heigl’s 10 upcoming romcoms. It’s also worth noting that she’s in Step Up 2: Take it to the Streets, which makes me think she is probably an amazing dancer (one of the top 3 qualities in a girl obviously).  See how I said “makes me think” there?  Like I didn’t see Step Up 2: Take it to the Streets in its entirety?  Either way this girl is great, hopefully she becomes more famous.  Her next movie: “Mine Games,” described as “A group of young friends make an incomprehensible discovery in an abandoned mine, but the more they try to change the future, the more they seal their fate.” Sounds about right.  Looking forward to watching this on a Saturday morning.  Gallery after the jump.  Continue reading

This movie V/H/S looks either terrifying or really stupid

10 Jul

Hard to tell these days what “found footage” movies are actually scary (aka Paranormal Activity) or unwatchably terrible (Devil Inside Me).  At this point I’m pretty over the gimmick but there’s no way anyone can watch this preview and not be scared.  Between this and Paranormal Activity 4 probably going to have a heart attack this fall.

New Batman Trailer Comes Out, I Still Want To See The Movie

21 Jun


Yet another Dark Knight Rises trailer has come out, making me want to watch the movie no less than every other trailer that has come out for the movie. At some point the studio needs to figure out what’s cost effective. I was ready to see the movie after the first trailer. Not only that but I really really wanted to see the movie after the first trailer. After the second, I wanted to see it even more. They sold me, when the movie came out, I was going to go see it. After three, four, and five, nothing has changed. I am still going to see the movie. I’m sure it doesnt cost that much to make these trailers but at some point the value added has to be pretty diminished.. Continue reading

New Tarantino Movie: Django Unchained

12 Jun

Lots of big guys in this movie. It looks like Christoph Waltz, who was great in Inglorious Bastards, another flick by Quintin Tarantino, plays the patient bad guy again. Also starring is Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tarantino is making the movie. Some people may find this to be a great team while others think they are overrated. I don’t need to name movies from any of these guys, they’ve proven they can make an amazing movie. However, can Quintin Tarantino make an old western movie? We all know he loves to throw in 70’s music into all of his movies but will it fit with this one? Also, some think his movies are too long. Even if you think Tarantino is a tiny bit overrated, out of the 10 or so movies he’s directed, I’d say 8 of them are quite good and unique in style. Jackie Brown, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill series, and Basterds were all quite good. Leo is good too, but he also only performs in movies that have a Continue reading

Great Summer for Movies – New Batman, Bourne, and Bond

5 Jun

During the MTV Movie Awards we got to see a brand new trailer for the new Dark Knight Rises movie coming out July 20th. Between that, the new Bourne Legacy movie and the new James Bond movie there is a lot to look forward to. The summer is already an incredible season. The weather is great, you completely stop caring about work, and the beach exists. Always good when all this is complemented by three potentially great summer flicks.  Continue reading

The Imposter Doc looks terrifying

5 Jun

No idea what to expect from this.  Did this kid fake getting abducted in the first place?  Did someone take his place when he got back from wherever he was?  Did the kid just get turned when he was over there?  Basically this is Homeland, but in real life.  Whatever the case this trailer alone terrifies me.  Comes out in limited theaters in late August.

Trailer for New James Bond: Skyfall

21 May


Hopefully more Casino Royal than Quantum of Solace.. regardless should be entertaining as fuck with plenty of shit exploding, hot women, and james bond killing things. also Javier Bardem (no country for old men) is the bad guy.  Continue reading

This is Awesome

18 Jan

This is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a while.  These French guys not only base jump in ridiciulous ways (doing flips, somesaults, etc) off of cliffs all over Europe, they also walk across tightropes linking cliffs so they can jump off from the middle of air.  It’s kind of hard to put into words, just watch the video, trust me.  This is a trailer for “I Believe I Can Fly,” a full length documentary they put together last year.  Thanks to JYCSUCCEEDS for the tip.

The Dark Knight Rises Looks Unbelievable

19 Dec

The new Dark Knight Rises trailer finally came out today officially, so we don’t have to watch it on camera phones anymore.  It obviously looks incredible.  I saw it in front of MI:4  in IMAX this weekend (also a great movie by the way, and Paula Patton is NSD Approved immediately), and the entire theater cheered when the preview ended.  I can’t remember a movie that was this anticipated since…The Dark Knight.  I might actually go see this at midnight if I can stand being with all the nerds dressed up.  Also, going off of DJStrongIsland’s post last week, the 6 minute prologue is after the jump.  Watch it fast since I’m sure it will be taken down in about 5 minutes like the last one.    Continue reading