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Who is Mark Ruffalo…left or right?

3 Apr

mark ruffalo stunt double guy
Just came across this cool post on Viralnova of 14 Celebrities with their stunt doubles. Some of them are a bit lame and don’t look a like, but the stunt double of Mark Ruffalo is pretty epic. I couldn’t even spot who the real Mark Ruffalo was.

Hilarious Game of Thrones Impressions

12 Jul

This guy should immediately be cast on SNL. He is already better than 90% of the current cast.  Even if he can literally ONLY do Game of Thrones impressions, this has life for at least one skit per episode. CAST THIS GUY RIGHT NOW.  The Khaleesi blast at the end is the best.

Someone Spiked the Milk and Cookies

26 Dec

Looks like Santa got a little drunk this Christmas.  Check out this video of Santa getting arrested.

Shit Girls Say

21 Dec

I don’t know where I’ve been for the last week but apparently these Shit Girls Say videos have been killing it on the internet.  Episode 1 which came out last week got 5 million views, and the new episode just came out a couple days and has a half a million already.  Great stuff.  The first one is actually better but in order to appear topical I am posting the second.

Who is DJ Flula? A Hilarious Person.

15 Nov

I don’t know who DJ Flula is.  I assume he’s some sort of DJ from somewhere in Europe who is touring around America.  I realize I could easily just google him but I prefer to live my live in ignorance.  Either way this guy is hilarious.  He takes randon American quirky things we just inherently understand and makes videos of him trying to figure them out. The best part is that he’s 100% truly confused and in some cases angry that he can’t figure them out.  He posts a new video every week and this one’s today, about the song Eeenie Meenie Minie, which if you think about it literally makes no sense and is also a dangerous tale for kids. Check out his other stuff too, the rock paper scissors one is great, as is shooting fish in a barrel and daddy long legs. I just bought you an hour of procrastination.  Enjoy.

T.J. Miller is Hilarious

8 Nov

Unless you have seen She’s Out of My League or Get Him to the Greek, you might have no idea who T.J. Miller is.  (He also was apparently in Yogi Bear, but if you’ve seen that and not the other two I mentioned then that’s just embarassing for you and you should immediately navigate away from this site and never return.) Miller hilariously played a bit role in Get Him to the Greek, as the hotel desk clerk who helps Jonah Hill get heroin.  And he was hilarious throughout in She’s Out of My League, where he played Jay Baruchel’s best friend Stainer.  Literally everything that comes out of this guy’s mouth is hilarious.  Turns out he is a seasoned vet on the stand up scene, and finally seems to be hitting it big.  This Saturday, Miller hosts his first comedy central special No Real Reason which I’m sure will be great.  If you don’t laugh at the clip of him on Conan a few months back telling the story about his driver’s license then you have no soul.  This guy’s awesome.

American Reunion – First Preview

1 Nov

I didn’t do my usual X Movie looks (insert superlative like Incredible, Good, or Amazing) title because it’s almost impossible to tell whether this will be good or not.  More likely, the title should have been American Reunion Looks Bad, but with these movies, it doesn’t really matter how bad it looks or how stupid the actual movie is.  The original American Pie was legendary, if only because I was at the exact age (13) where sneaking into movies to see boobs was literally the only thing you wanted to do.  The next two both came out in high school too, and I have great memories of both (not of the movies, but of the elaborate plans my friends and I had to get into them.  American Wedding was the worst, where we had just made it through the previews when the theater owners turned on all the lights and said “THREE PEOPLE ARE HERE WHO SHOULDN’T BE.”  Needless to say they didn’t buy our “Oh we thought this was Space Cowboys” excuse.  The new preview tells two things.  One, half of the movies will be scenes of all the guys walking down hallways in a straight horizontal line.  Who ever walks like that?  Would you be able to even see the person on the other side?  Second, Katrina Bowden, who we profiled months ago as being ridiculously hot, will be playing OZ’s girlfriend.  I always figured that if they made another American Pie I’d be much older and wouldn’t be into seeing boobs as much.  The first part is true.  I am much older.  The second…we all know that’s not true.  Looking forward to this one.

Happy Halloween from NSD

31 Oct

I was going to post an entire slideshow of different girls in Halloween costumes but since it is Monday morning and I’m exhausted from the mandatory heavy drinking that goes along with Halloween weekend, this one picture is all you get.  But since all NSD readers are probably also too tired to even click through pictures, it probably wasn’t worth it anyway.  I’m not saying anything new here: Halloween is obviously the best holiday of the year (besides National Skirt Day obviously).  The best part about Halloween is that it changes with your sensibilities.  As a little kid, what’s the best possible thing you can imagine?  Eating a shitload of candy and staying up late.  Done. As a high schooler?  Sneaking around the neighborhood drinking and messing with houses on mischief night.  And as a college kid/early adult/actually all adulthood: partying with girls dressed in slutty costumes.  An entire holiday geared around not only getting as hammered as possible, but towards promoting girls to dress as slutty as humanly possible. Why be a cop when you can be a “sexy cop?” Why be a devil when you can be a “sexy devil.”  Halloween will never get old.  Happy Halloween from NSD.

Kate Bosworth and Zoe Saldana are Hot and Funny

13 Oct

There’s not really much to say that the title doesn’t already tell you.  Zoe Saldana and Kate Bosworth, two of the hottest girls out there star in this FunnyorDie short. I don’t get why Kate Bosworth isn’t more famous.  Blue Crush?  Clearly a cinematic classic ranking just behind Citizen Kane. Yet another girl who should be more famous than Katherine Heigl but she’s not because Hollywood is run by idiots. Either way enjoy them in this video. Oh and I forgot to mention Janeane Garafalo is in this too.  If that tipped the scales for anyone to click on this video, please navigate away from this website as I doubt you will enjoy anything that has been written its history.

Epic Meal Time – Sausage Fest

7 Oct

No better way to start your weekend than watching this.  A bunch of hilarious guys making a ridiculous sausage concoction while drinking heavily before inviting about thirty hot girls over to eat them and party with them.  Hilarious. Pretty standard weekend for a devoted NSD reader.   Enjoy the weekend.