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Week of the Wardrobe Malfunctions

13 Dec

kanyewestleatherskirtWhat was Kanye West thinking last night at the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Relief concert at Madison Square Garden? You may have been fortunate to miss it but I’m sure you heard about it on Twitter and Facebook. The outspoken rapper performed in a black leather Givenchy skirt layered over a pair of tight leather pants for the event. His girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, tweeted, “Awwwwwwww I’m so excited right now!!!!! He looks so cute!!” His music is great but is style has been going down hill since the days he was popping his collar.

Additionally, Anne Hathaway flashed photographers as she was sliding out of her car with an under-skirt shot this week at her latest film premiere, Les Miserables, in New York City. I think most guys who saw The Dark Knight Rises were hoping that she would go commando in public sometime or another. We’re not digging her short haircut so much at NSD, but we’re happy to see she decided not to wear underwear at her premiere. Hathaway claims she is upset about the incident but what did she expect would happen if she constantly has paparazzi photographing her and she goes out without panties? See the pics here.

Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, and others all in Semi-nude Vogue Photoshoot

27 Nov
Mario Testino had the pleasure of capturing some of the most beautiful women on the face of this planet for the upcoming December 2012 issue of Vogue España, featuring none other than Kate Moss on the cover. Tall, beautiful women going topless and otherwise partially naked might be what you’d expect while flipping through the pages of Playboy, but this time it’s all going down in the December issue of Vogue España. The issue covers Isabeli Fontana, Doutzen Kroes, Karlie Kloss, Miranda Kerr, Toni Garrn, Irina Shayk, Constance Jablonski, Edita Vilkeviciute, Alessandra Ambrosio and Izabel Goular. Check out the pics below…

Miss NSD 2012: Mila Kunis

16 Nov

In our very first post back in March of 2011, we wondered whether Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman was hotter.  It’s crazy even to think back to a moment in time when this was even a debate.  Mila Kunis is currently in that realm that very few women in time have reached: the undisputed girl that literally every guy in the world is in love with.  Elizabeth Taylor, Farrah Fawsett, Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, and now Kunis.  Girls that can claim this title are not only unbelievably hot, there’s something about them that seems…relateable.  That it wouldn’t be inconceivable to actually hook up with this girl.  That you could hang out with her all day long, go to see a movie, shoot the shit, and forget that she is the sexiest woman alive.  Mila Kunis, we were posting about you in 2011, we are posting about you now, and I’m sure we’ll be posting about you next year as well.  Until our first date, Mila, godspeed.  And congratulations on your win as Miss NSD 2012.  P.S. Kunis just won Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, and this video came out.  Watch this video.  But probably not at work.  Over/under disgusted female co-worker stares is set at 4, I went way over.

NSD Approved: Paige Butcher

12 Nov

Even though Eddie Murphy was Spike TV’s guest of honor, most people were more concerned with the hot blond he showed up with. The gorgeous blonde is Paige Butcher, and she is a 33 year old Australian model who is dating the comedian and actor. The Aussie, who previously dated hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and model Tyson Beckford, looked equally thrilled to be basking in the Beverly Hills Cop favourite’s reflected glory. Butcher has appeared on various magazines covers including two Maxim magazine covers, Fitness magazine and bridal magazine covers. She was the face of Escada Sunset fragrance. Butcher is signed at Ford Models in New York and also Innovative Artists for television. She was ranked #46 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2004.While Butcher still lives in New York, she works all over the world and has been part of some of the largest ad campaigns. Butcher has also been in two movies, Something’s Gotta Give and Big Momma’s House 2. She has also appeared in many TV commercials.

Bottom line: She looks expensive…errr, I mean cla$$y. Check out her pics below!

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Happy Halloween from NSD

26 Oct

Happy Halloween from all of us here at NSD. Obviously I realize that Halloween is on the 31st, but unless you are under the age of about 16 then you know that this weekend is when all the biggest costume parties will happen. If you aren’t planning on going out this weekend you clearly navigated to this website by mistake and you should immediately click the back button on your browser.  Obviously everyone in the world is going out this weekend, but I know another group is actually out there reading this–those that aren’t dressing up.  “Oh that’s so lame why would I put effort into dressing up.”  “Dude who cares it’s not a big deal I’ll just tell them I’m going as myself.”  Listen assholes, dress up.  Somewhere along the lines somebody much smarter than any of us somehow convinced girls aged 18-30 that since it was Halloween you are allowed to dress as slutty as humanly possible for that one night a year.  A girl wants to go as a witch?  Suddenly it’s a “slutty witch.”  If every guy thought like you, guy I’m talking to who is not planning on dressing up, then girls wouldn’t either and then it would just be a normal weekend.  Go to the store, buy something, and wear it.  Please.  Happy Halloween.

Natalie Portman Post-MILF Appearance

22 Oct

During Saturday’s Texas-Baylor game, Natalie Portman was spotted, and so was her chest. I can confidently say that college football plus Natalie Portman equals success. The 31-year-old Oscar winner was in attendance at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Portman was looking great and was apparently shooting a scene for “Lawless”, Terrence Malick movie, along with co-star Michael Fassbender. The film also counts Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett among its cast. I think it’s safe to say Natalie Portman is 100% MILF. Checkout the video below for full cleavage. I mean coverage… Continue reading

NSD Approved: Heather Clem aka Heather Cole

9 Oct

Last week, a Hulk Hogan sex tape leaked on Gawker, which revealed Hollywood Hogan banging Bubba the Love Sponge’s wife. I’m not sure which is stranger, the fact that Hulk Hogan’s best friend is cool with him banging his wife, or that Hulk Hogan is talking about how full he feels from eating immediately after. Either way, the video which was recorded 6 years ago, shows that Hogan has some psychological issues. The best part is that Linda Hogan claimed Heather Clem is her best friend and would never betray her like this.

We’re not in the business of featuring Hulk Hogan sex tapes; however, the video does feature a babe that is probably getting more publicity now than her husband’s radio show ever got her. We don’t know too much about Heather except that she’s got a great body and is down to get freaky on video. Apparently she is also known for posting provocative Continue reading

Kate Middleton Bottomless?

1 Oct

Kate just can’t get a break. After revealing topless pics a few weeks ago after a French Magazine exposed spy shots from her vacation, Danish celebrity magazine Se og Hør published photos of Kate Middleton completely bottomless. The photos in Se og Hør’s 16-page spread appear to have been taken during the same topless photos that circulated the Web earlier this month. The grainy photos show a bottomless Middleton in the midst of changing her bikini bottom while on vacation with Prince William in the South of France. Kim Henningsen, the editor-in-chief of Se og Hør, did not disclose how much Continue reading

Heidi Klum Topless

18 Sep

Wow, just one week ago we had Kate Middleton topless pics, today we come across Heidi Klum. It’s a great time of the year, there must be a lot of vacationing at “private getaways”. She just recently admitted in August that she has been banging her bodyguard after breaking up with Seal, and now the pics confirm it. It’s been awhile since I’ve had Klum as the background image on my computer, but at 40 years old, she still is looking hot. Check out Continue reading

Kate Middleton Topless

15 Sep

Just a day after she gave her first inspiring overseas speech, the future Queen of England was ROCKED with the news that her topless time on a private estate was photographed and published! The pics that ended up on the cover (and within the pages) of French mag Closer were allegedly taken from half a mile away while Kate was sunning herself with husband Prince William at what they presumably thought was a private chateau in Provence. The photos are a little bit blurry but they definitely are legit. After she had the wind up the skirt incident a year ago I thought Continue reading