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All I want is a Forever Lazy

3 Nov

How good do these look?  They solved literally all of the problems with the Snuggie.  Want to take a shit?  Here’s a butt flap.  Have to piss?  Here’s a zipper.  Are your arms feeling constricted?  Oh here’s some arm holes for you.  First off I can’t believe I didn’t think of this first.  All this guy did is put a butt flap and some arm holes in and he’s going to make millions. Second this is the stupidest commercial I’ve ever seen.  Who goes tailgating wearing blankets?  Who would have a party of people wearing blankets?  Actually I don’t know what I’m saying.  I strongly want one of these and the thought of wearing constricting clothes or really anything besides a Forever Lazy for the rest of my life is infuriating.  I’m buying one immediately.  I really wish this was a sponsored post. Maybe it can be.  Forever Lazy please email me, I’m willing to post exclusively about your product for an entire year for one free one.

Cool Idea of the Week: Inkling

1 Sep
I gotta be honest, I’m probably never going to use this thing.  My artistic ability is laughable at best, and all of my doodles over the years were not the artistic works seen in the video, they were more like random scribbles and offensive profane sentences about the teacher.  Either way, this is a really cool idea, and one that I could definitely see a lot of people using. The product is basically a digital sketch pen that captures a digital likeness of your work on the computer–but it’s not just a simple scanner–you can also edit and change your piece of art graphically as well. Whether you have an artistic bone in your body or not, pretty cool video.

Have a Great Idea? Try Quirky.

16 Aug

Everyone has those moments where they hear an idea for the first time and they immediately feel like a huge idiot for not thinking of it themselves.  A site where you can have your own profile and post pictures?  So simple!  A site where they give you 50% of things like dining?  So easy to start!  While the people who actually made these ideas come to life have made literally billions of dollars, we are left to sit and ponder our fates.  The biggest problem with starting your own business is two simple words: Time and Money.  All of us have regular jobs, and while there are a lot of good ideas out there, there often isn’t enough time at the end of a long day at work to make that idea come to life.  Even if you do find the time, where will you get the money?  Sure, you can tour around looking for angel investors, but 99% of the time they will only even see you if you have a business up and running.

The website Quirky solves many of these issues.  Quirky lets any user submit an idea for a product which will cost under $150 to manufacture, and users weigh in with feedback and suggestions.  Every week, quirky takes the ten top rated ideas and manufactures the products themselves, taking a share themselves, giving some to the users who influenced the idea most, and of course, a large share for you, the inventor.  So stop wasting away your days at work thinking that you have an idea for the next big thing, and submit it.  The users of quirky will decide whether you should keep your day job.  If you do one thing today, watch this video.  You’ll be inspired, I promise.

Top Credit Cards to Carry

10 Aug

It’s important to have a great credit card to open tabs with at the bar every weekend.  Therefore, I have evaluated which cards I believe are the best.  Personally, I run with an American Express Blue Cash as my main card, and back it up with the Citi Dividend Platinum Select for the times that AMEX isn’t accepted.  I personally prefer to get cash back rewards but we have listed what we believe is the best whether you are a student or looking for flyer miles.  Check it out.

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Best Online Brokerages for a Young Investor

7 Jun

The transition from college to the real world isn’t an easy one.  In college, 100% of your mind was devoted strictly to three things: getting as hammered as possible, girls, and classes, usually in that order.  What little money could be scraped together was used for the cheap as dirt rent and cases of natty ice, while your student ID card could be used for almost everything else (groceries, all meals, books, school supplies, etc).  With the start of the real world came real responsibilities.  Astonishingly, rent in a major city was more expensive than in the middle of nowhere.  Food suddenly cost real currency.  Drinks were no longer purchased in $10 cases; rather, they were served in bars offering $13 pitchers….really?  Meanwhile, the whole prospect of hooking up with strangers in the real world was proven a lot more difficult than expected.  Suddenly, you have to be “someone’s friend” or go to the right parties to even have a chance.  Meanwhile, you wistfully watch as older adults party on their yachts with a bevy of girls and wonder, when will that be me?  Will it be when I’m 65 and I just worked 45 years?  Will I have to pay $150,000 for an MBA just to get a high paying job?  The way to do it is to start investing on that first paycheck.  Sure, 401k’s provide a steady stream of money and a nice base for retirement, but I’m not living my whole life in poverty just to celebrate in Del Boca Vista in 2062.  But what online brokerages are the best out there for someone starting out?  Since no one has the capital in their early twenties to pay out the ass in fees, choosing between online brokerages is extremely important.  Sure, E*Trade has those hilarious talking babies, but is it actually a good brokerage?  After the jump, ConsumerSearch recently performed a full review of thirteen of the top online brokerages, outlining pros and cons of each and including important tenants such as minimum investments and trade fees. Now start making some money before you’re too old and wrinkly to really enjoy it. Continue reading