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5 Cool Taxi and Bus Ads

22 Dec

A taxi or a bus is a fantastic outlet to advertise your goods. Commercial drivers are well aware of this and use their vehicle all the time to earn some extra dough by letting brands use their car. You can do this the standard way or go all out and make some special of it. Here is 5 examples of companies which chose for the latter:

1. Using the tire as a camera lens

camera lens bus

2. ‘At the Beach’

beach taxi

3. Keeping the city warm

lighter on taxi

4. The lobster bus

lobster bus advertisement

5. Sopranos taxi ad, good way to bring attention to an ad ūüôā

sopranos taxi ad

Millionaire Fastlane Review

30 Jun Millionaire fastlane review

Before writing this review, I read both ‚ÄúThe Millionaire Fastlane‚ÄĚ and the newest, updated version of ‚ÄúThe Four Hour Workweek.‚ÄĚ Some people believe 4HWW to be better due to the addition of outsourcing references. I read it with the expectation that it would give solid information about how to create wealth, but it did not deliver. Instead, it demonstrates one method of building up a particular type of income without having to work long hours to profit.

On the other hand, ‚ÄúThe Millionaire Fastlane‚ÄĚ does not outline a particular method for making money. It is not an instructional manual for Adsense, affiliate programs or any other small business idea. That information is already covered in dozens of other books, on hundreds of websites and blogs all over the internet.

The book is an inspirational directive about how to achieve millionaire status well before retirement age. Imagine being in the financial situation of someone like Mark Zuckerberg? Someone who achieved this kind of wealth while still young wrote the book, and he shares all his ideas and information about how to truly get rich quickly. The book is about building wealth, not just making money.

Anyone who is looking for small business ideas, or how to set up an income stream or two on the internet should buy a different book. If you want to learn about affiliate programs or internet marketing or buying into a franchise, there are 1,000 other resources ‚Äď many of them free ‚Äď that can help you travel down that road.

Those resources will not help you find answers to some of the most important questions of all:

  • Is even getting into affiliate marketing worth it to begin with?
  • Is it possible to achieve wealth while working a regular job?
  • What roads should I take if I want to get wealthy as quickly as possible?

The book ‚ÄúMillionaire Fastlane‚ÄĚ is worth millions, but only if you put into practice all the lessons it teaches so clearly.

This Dorm Room looks Incredible

2 May

It’s obvious this kid is a genius.¬† I have no idea how you would even begin to set something like this us, and to go along with his technical prowess, he made it incredibly practical but also hilarious.¬† The question is, does that Romantic mode ever get any use?¬† About 3 minutes in I was starting to have that bad feeling that in a few years Sorkin would be writing snappy dialogue for the latest movie about a boy genius who never get any ass and now is a huge dick to everyone.¬† Four minutes in, on party mode, with blasting Levels?¬† Come on.¬† This kid is banging girls every night.¬† Awesome stuff.¬†¬† Worth noting that the background music for the first section was the same that was used for the equally incredible-looking google glasses video a few weeks back.¬† Lends itself perfectly to cool technology videos I guess.

2012 Startups Part II

9 Jan

Last week, Don’tTazeMeBro posted a link to another blog’s article on 15 Startups to Watch in 2012.¬† This week, I’m featuring 3 startups that I personally will be following in 2012.¬† These 3 upcoming startups are online websites that offer free services I can see myself using in the nightlife, transportation, and gym industries.¬†

Coming into the new year, everyone has their resolutions they try to stick to.¬† Why you have to use a new year as a reason to declare a resolution opposed to any other day beats me.¬† I personally don’t believe in New Years Resolutions.¬†¬†However, Continue reading

15 Startups to Watch in 2012

5 Jan

Since we here at NSD are spontaneous and creative types that can create a website based on girls in skirts on a whim one slow Friday afternoon at work (and subsequently grow it into a multi-million dollar corporation…in 2013), we are always keeping an eye out for the next big thing in the startup world.¬† Of the 15 on this list, I’m most excited about, YayTalent, and Happily.¬† especially is a good one–there really isn’t anything besides FourSquare and Yelp for people who love restaurants to tell their social networks about places.¬† Both FourSquare and Yelp are too broad though, with way too much going on, and neither have all of the functionality and scope that looks to have.OP¬† Continue reading

All I want is a Forever Lazy

3 Nov

How good do these look? ¬†They solved literally all of the problems with the Snuggie. ¬†Want to take a shit? ¬†Here’s a butt flap. ¬†Have to piss? ¬†Here’s a zipper. ¬†Are your arms feeling constricted? ¬†Oh here’s some arm holes for you. ¬†First off I can’t believe I didn’t think of this first. ¬†All this guy did is put a butt flap and some arm holes in and he’s going to make millions. Second this is the stupidest commercial I’ve ever seen. ¬†Who goes tailgating wearing blankets? ¬†Who would have a party of people wearing blankets? ¬†Actually I don’t know what I’m saying. ¬†I strongly want one of these and the thought of wearing constricting clothes or really anything besides a Forever Lazy for the rest of my life is infuriating. ¬†I’m buying one immediately. ¬†I really wish this was a sponsored post. Maybe it can be. ¬†Forever Lazy please email me, I’m willing to post exclusively about your product for an entire year for one free one.

Cool Idea of the Week: Inkling

1 Sep
I gotta be honest, I’m probably never going to use this thing.¬† My artistic ability is laughable at best, and all of my doodles over the years were not the artistic¬†works seen in the video, they were more like random scribbles and offensive profane sentences about the teacher.¬† Either way, this is a really cool idea, and one that I could definitely see a lot of people using.¬†The product is basically a digital sketch pen that captures a digital likeness of your work on the computer–but it’s not just a simple scanner–you can also edit and change your piece of art graphically as well.¬†Whether you have an artistic bone in your body or not, pretty cool video.

Have a Great Idea? Try Quirky.

16 Aug

Everyone has those moments where they hear an idea for the first time and they immediately feel like a huge idiot for not thinking of it themselves. ¬†A site where you can have your own profile and post pictures? ¬†So simple! ¬†A site where they give you 50% of things like dining? ¬†So easy to start! ¬†While the people who actually made these ideas come to life have made literally billions of dollars, we are left to sit and ponder our fates. ¬†The biggest problem with starting your own business is two simple words: Time and Money. ¬†All of us have regular jobs, and while there are a lot of good ideas out there, there often isn’t enough time at the end of a long day at work to make that idea come to life. ¬†Even if you do find the time, where will you get the money? ¬†Sure, you can tour around looking for angel investors, but 99% of the time they will only even see you if you have a business up and running.

The website Quirky solves many of these issues. ¬†Quirky lets any user submit an idea for a product which will cost under $150 to manufacture, and users weigh in with feedback and suggestions. ¬†Every week, quirky takes the ten top rated ideas and manufactures the products themselves, taking a share themselves, giving some to the users who influenced the idea most, and of course, a large share for you, the inventor. ¬†So stop wasting away your days at work thinking that you have an idea for the next big thing, and submit it. ¬†The users of quirky will decide whether you should keep your day job. ¬†If you do one thing today, watch this video. ¬†You’ll be inspired, I promise.