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Top Ten Strangest Swimsuits

20 Oct

This is basically a two minute video showing how creative Sports Illustrated has gotten in recent years in their swimsuit issue.  Back in the 80’s the magazine was just girls in traditional swimsuits, but once magazines like Maxim and FHM came out that showed more skin, SI knew they had to change it up.  The problem was that they couldn’t go as racy as those other magazines or men across the country wouldn’t be able to pretend like it was like every other SI issue every year to their wives.  So they decided to just replace bathing suits with random objects on a beach, and have girls lie naked behind them.  Whoever thought this up in the board meeting should be given a promotion.  Actually, I’m sure he did.  The guy who thought up this and the guy who thought up body paint should be co-presidents of America in fact. Okay I’ll stop.  Just watch the video. It’s theoretically safe for work I guess, if it would also be okay for you to look closely at the SI Swimsuit issue cover to cover at your desk.

Top 10 Low Pass Flybys of All Time

7 Jul

Holy Shit!  That is how I feel after watching this video.  If you are intriqued by planes, check out this video!  If you don’t care about planes, check out this video!  Some of these flybys are extremely close calls.  Would you have the balls to stand in for some of these?

Top 10 Biggest and Best Jumps Ever

28 Jun

I came across this video of a bunch of crazy and insane jumps off of all different obstacles.  Some of these clips are the closest attempts to flying man has ever made.  Check out this video for 8 minutes of jaw dropping entertainment.

Top 10 New Skirt Jams of the Week

12 May

We have a bunch of new jams for our users to check out but I want to dedicate this post to a specific song.  50 Cent and Nicole Scherzinger collaborated to produce a new song that is sure to turn into a mainstream radio go-to that could possibly be the hit of the summer.  Yes, this song is catchy and you may become sick of it over the next few weeks.  The reason why we are dedicating this post to it is because of the music video.  Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer from the pussy cat dolls, is a sight that will keep your eyes glued for hours.  She is Hawaiian, Fillipina, and Russian and has been ranked in Maxim’s hot 100 for the past few years.  This music video is addicting, with or without the volume on.  So in her honor, we have provided this slideshow before presenting the jams of the week…

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Top 20 Strangest/Hilarious Skirt Searches

10 May

Running this blog allows us to see all the search terms that users have followed to our website.  Google and the other big search engines find keywords in our articles and direct traffic based on what people are searching.  We often see bizarre searches that somehow get linked to our site and they give us a good laugh.  We figured we would share some of the recent ones with you…


Kate middleton upskirt

tits and skirts

flimsy skirts butts

skirt fucking

coworker upskirt

libya gaddafi female bodyguards sexs

girl with newton’s apples

caught staring

+bunny +bondage

fucking asian cheerleader

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What Not to Do on Skirt Day

28 Apr

Since the warm weather has been upon us, and we have seen consecutive days of 80+ degrees of sun and heat, the season has sprung and we are now in full skirt mode.  If you see a gathering of your coworkers standing by the windows of your office it’s most likely because they are pointing out all of the skirts and sundresses on the street below.  Since this movement has started, as most of you have already experienced, stealth skirt missions have been in effect.  Although to some it may be obvious as to the reasoning on why to operate your camera phone in stealth mode, to others it may not.  For that reason, I have provided the top 5 What Not to do on Skirt Day:

5.  Don’t yell out skirt day and point while jumping up and down when you see a group of ladies walking by in skirts.  Although the visual may cause excitement, and you feel the need to point out the obvious to your buddy standing less than 14 inches away from you, refrain from the desire to draw this type of attention to yourself. Continue reading

Top 5 New Skirt Jams of the Week

30 Mar

We figured we would provide you with some new music to jam out to on your iPod while you prepare yourself for skirt day.  Some new joints for this week…

  1. Kanye West ft. Drake and Lil Wayne – All of the Lights Remix
  2. Britney Spears – Seal it With a Kiss
  3. Lupe Fiasco – Break the Chain
  4. Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep
  5. Katy Perry – E.T.

You can always count on a Lil Wayne and Drake duo to make a great song an even more kick ass song.  The ‘All of the Lights remix’ is dope and is sure to hit the clubs soon.  Both Britney and Lupe have provided quite the list of hits with their new albums.  I’m sure you’ve heard Britney’s first two singles, ‘Hold it Against Me’ and ‘Till the World Ends’, so here is another slammer with a dubstep kick.  If you were into ‘Black and Yellow’ then you will be sure to be playing Wiz Khalifa’s ‘No Sleep’ from his latest mixtape. And of course, I’m sure you’ve heard the new Katy Perry track in the club: E.T.

Top 10 Holidays to Wear a Skirt

25 Mar

10. St Paul the Hermit Day (January 15)  – Patron Saint of the clothing industry and weavers – What better way to start than on the day that is blessing those people that craft the very article of clothing that is held so dear in the hearts and minds of people around the word (and especially us at NSD)! Of course, in some locales weather may be a factor, and it may not be hot enough for the usual variety of skirts. However, true believers know how to accessorize, whether it is with stockings or high-heel boots. Nothing will hold them back. Continue reading

Five Items every Man should have for Skirt Day

24 Mar

As the best day of the year approaches rapidly, we here at NSD wanted to ensure everyone is amply prepared for what it takes to dominate your area’s skirt day.  Every skirt day, I inevitably see one idiot who clearly had no idea what day it is wandering the quad aimlessly with jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and sneakers.  So to prevent anyone from suffering that fate, below are the top ten items every man should have to fully enjoy skirt day.

1.  Sunglasses: Every man knows that sunglasses are the single most important tool for any warm weather.  As a child I never could understand sunglasses, as clearly the sun is not so powerful that it blinds anyone who dares to walk outside without glasses.  However, as I reached the age of 11 and some of my classmates mosquito bites began growing into full and ripe elmer fudds , I saw the light.   Go to the beach without sunglasses and try to look at girls and you are the creepy guy awkwardly staring; with sunglasses, you are the guy reading Time magazine (girls think you are intellectual and have opinions on politics) while you actually just blatantly stare at them.  The same goes for Skirt day.  Sunglasses are the #1 item to ensure you can look long and hard at the hot girl you never noticed sitting next to you all winter suddenly wearing a short skirt.  Both Wayfarers and aviators are generally accepted; wrap-around oakleys will make everyone think you are a wiener and possibly a serial killer. Continue reading