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NSD Approved: Nina Agdal

5 Feb

The latest mouth-watering Carl’s Jr.  Super Bowl ad, featuring sexy swimsuit model Nina Agdal, has the Sports Illustrated bombshell seductively devouring the restaurant’s Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich… and our beach body hopes and dreams. Forget the burger; Agdal is the real treat, showing a lot of sun-kissed skin in a tiny black bikini. Last year, Sports Illustrated and former Carl’s Jr.Super Bowl ad model Kate Upton was all the rage. This year, it’s the gorgeous Agdal. Nina Agdal is a 20 year -old Danish fashion model. Agdal, who grew up in Hillerød, Denmark, has modeled for Billabong, Macy’s, Frederick’s of Hollywood, and Victoria’s Secret. In 2012, she made her first appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was subsequently named the issue’s “Rookie of the Year.” See below for the commercial and gallery.

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NSD Approved: Janessa Brazil

19 Dec

You may remember a post form a few weeks ago called Gym Hotties where we posted a gallery of hot chicks working out. One of the main girls we featured was Janessa Brazil and today she has earned her own post as well as a NSD approved stamp. If you guessed she is from Brazil, you guessed right. Oh and I suppose she qualifies as a porn star considering she has her own webcam site and has made her way onto the Howard Stern show riding the Sybian. Apparently before her webcam business she was a bookkeeper for a real estate company, and an executive assistant. Lucky for us she made a career change. Seriously, how hot is this girl? Check out the pics below…

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Miss NSD 2012: Mila Kunis

16 Nov

In our very first post back in March of 2011, we wondered whether Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman was hotter.  It’s crazy even to think back to a moment in time when this was even a debate.  Mila Kunis is currently in that realm that very few women in time have reached: the undisputed girl that literally every guy in the world is in love with.  Elizabeth Taylor, Farrah Fawsett, Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, and now Kunis.  Girls that can claim this title are not only unbelievably hot, there’s something about them that seems…relateable.  That it wouldn’t be inconceivable to actually hook up with this girl.  That you could hang out with her all day long, go to see a movie, shoot the shit, and forget that she is the sexiest woman alive.  Mila Kunis, we were posting about you in 2011, we are posting about you now, and I’m sure we’ll be posting about you next year as well.  Until our first date, Mila, godspeed.  And congratulations on your win as Miss NSD 2012.  P.S. Kunis just won Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, and this video came out.  Watch this video.  But probably not at work.  Over/under disgusted female co-worker stares is set at 4, I went way over.

Gym Hotties

6 Nov

The clocks were set back an hour last weekend and it’s officially colder outside. On the upside, winter is the time for all the hotties to put in the extra hours in the gym to prepare for next summer. It is the time to perfect the big ole booty and tighten up the abs. Every guy goes to the gym for two reasons. One, two get big. Two, to check out hot chicks. The girls working on the beach bodies are what guys like; the girls who look like they are on steroids is what guys don’t like.  Try not to get caught staring at the gym and in the meantime check out the gallery below for the best of the best gym hotties…

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NSD Approved: Melanie Iglesias

17 Oct

Does it make you mad that Vinny Guadagnino from the Jersey Shore was dating Melanie Iglesias? Vinny is a cool guy on the show but Melanie is way out of his league. She tweeted last week that she is single again so I guess she agrees. At least now it makes more sense why Vinny declared a vow of celibacy on the first episode of this season; seems like he was trying to keep his relationship status on the low.

I think the best way for Melanie to move on from Vinny is to release as many photos and videos of herself as possible. And that’s just what she did with this new behind the scenes video shoot. And this isn’t the first video she has provided us. Melanie has also made a video of her using a hula hoop in slow-motion which made its way to youtube a few months ago.

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Who is Jesse Pinkman AKA Aaron Paul’s girlfriend? Lauren Parsekian. Hot.

11 Oct

I don’t really need to say anything more than what the title of this said but I’ll make a couple comments I guess.  If you were watching the Emmy’s a couple weeks back you obviously were cheering for Aaron Paul to win for the truly incredible show Breaking Bad (maybe the best show on TV.  It’s hard to tell with Game of Thrones and Homeland but it’s in the conversation) when they flashed over to him and oh my god….who is his girlfriend…..She is legitimately one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen.  I was in a room of 5 guys (you guys don’t sit around with your bros and watch the Emmys on Sunday nights?  Listen we were switching back and forth  between football and that) and there was just a long silence followed by a “ohh……..who…..”  She elicited that reaction across the country, Twitter tells me.  The pictures maybe don’t do her justice, you should have seen her during the show.  Just seemed cool as shit and so happy.  She also is legitimately not a celebrity at all which is pretty awesome, there are basically no pictures of her on the internet without Aaron Paul standing next to her making a smirk that says “yeah fuck you i’m a millionaire emmy winning actor and I’m getting married to this girl.”  Yep that’s right–he’s engaged.  Aaron Paul–keep living the dream.  Full gallery (all 10 pictures) after the jump. Continue reading

Awesome Beer Commercial

31 Aug

This video  made my day for two primary reasons. First of all, it’s hilarious. Super Bowl commercial funny. It’s the classic 1980’s car chase montage except with DUI-conscious criminals. Second, it’s about beer and the only thing I wanted to do from 1pm on today was drink an exorbitant amount of beer.

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