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NSD Approved – Holly Sonders

30 Mar

It is no surprise to the staff here at NSD know that the three Gs (Girls, Golf, and Guns) are probably my favorite things of all time.  If I could think of a slang word for alcohol that started with a G it would be the 4 Gs.  At any rate, it is not every day where you can have 1 of the 3, let alone 2 of the three Gs, to occupy your time.  This, however, is one of those days.  Check out DJStrongisland’s post “Girls with Guns” for another miraculous day @

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NSD Approved: Courtney Stodden

4 Oct

Courtney Stodden, I have no idea who this girl was until today.  Apparently, she has made headlines for being 16 years old and getting married to a 51 year old dude.  In all honesty, I’ve been looking at this girl’s pics for a very long time (doing extensive research, of course) and I don’t think there is any way that this girl is 16.  She looks mid-late 20s at best.  If you don’t believe me, my colleague Don’tTazeMeBro makes an excellent point, “I’ve never went to high school with any girl that looks like that” and I have to agree.    But hey, what the hell do I know? That being said, she is freaking smoking hot and her new hubby (Doug Hutchinson) looks happy as hell.  Continue reading

January Jones – X-quisite

5 Jul

It’s difficult to assess my fondness for January Jones.  The first time I saw her was in Love Actually, where she played opposite Elisha Cuthbert as one of the 3 hot Wisconsin girls that more or less had a foursome with Colin, the Brit.  Amazing beauty, charm, and girlish naivete to the world made her incredibly appealing to watch.  Continue reading

Fox News and the Women that will solve all your problems

19 May

Nothing is worse than having a wife or girlfriend in your face when all you want to do is sit down on the couch, relax, and not listen to her talk about the normal crap she spits out day after day after day.  All she wants to do is show her love by bugging the crap out of you and nagging you to death to spend time with her.  It can literally be unbearable.  There is not one guy on the face of this planet that doesn’t know what I’m talking about it.  Luckily for you, I have a solution – Fox News.

Put your politics aside, Fox News has the hottest news anchors of all time.  How one news network has so many hot women consolidated into one place, I cannot tell you.  I wish I knew.  Continue reading

Kate Middleton – Royal Skirt Cred Galore

29 Apr

What can NSD say about the Royal Wedding that hasn’t already been said by most of the world?  Well, as a valued member of the Press, we can’t help but give you a quick and dirty, no holds barred opinion of what we think.  Now we understand that most Americans can’t stand anything British.  Maybe it’s because of the British oppression that our ancestors cured via the American Revolution, maybe it is because they claim to speak English but no one can understand anything they say.  A few hundred years plus a royal wedding seemed to have cured this animosity…at least for now.  It is a proven statistic that 99.4% of those that said they hate the Brits, either watched or Tivoed the crap out of the Royal Wedding.  Who are we to argue with those statistics?

This brings us to the topic of conversation – Kate Middleton.  Of course, we at NSD love her but not for the reasons that everyone else does.  Continue reading

Stealth Pics – Story 1 – A Whole Foods Love Story

20 Apr

Hey NSDers, I’ve been combing through the thousands of emails we get a week that document your National Skirt Day experiences.  This one caught my eye.   It reads like a fictional story that you find in Playboy magazine but I think it has a lot of heart.  After talking with the author, Jackson, I think it deserves your attention.  I’m not sure the pictures do the experience justice – enjoy NSDers!

“It was a pretty cold and miserable day with some on and off rain when me and a coworker decided to hit up the local Whole Foods down the street, for some lunch supplies.  Nothing exciting was really going on and expectations for excitement were at an all-time low.  Continue reading

Masters 2011 – Tiger Woods Back to No.1? What caused the “fall”?

9 Apr

Make no mistake about it; I love Tiger Woods.  No other athlete has dominated a sport to the level that he has ever in the history of the world.  A lot compete for second place; Michael Jordan comes to mind.  However, in reality, Tiger has it, even if he is not ranked first in the world at the time of this writing. Continue reading

Country Music Awards sponsors Skirt Day!

4 Apr

It may be official that the unofficial National Skirt Day in the hot sandy desert of Las Vegas, Nevada is the Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.

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Top 10 Holidays to Wear a Skirt

25 Mar

10. St Paul the Hermit Day (January 15)  – Patron Saint of the clothing industry and weavers – What better way to start than on the day that is blessing those people that craft the very article of clothing that is held so dear in the hearts and minds of people around the word (and especially us at NSD)! Of course, in some locales weather may be a factor, and it may not be hot enough for the usual variety of skirts. However, true believers know how to accessorize, whether it is with stockings or high-heel boots. Nothing will hold them back. Continue reading