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Awesome Beer Commercial

31 Aug

This video  made my day for two primary reasons. First of all, it’s hilarious. Super Bowl commercial funny. It’s the classic 1980’s car chase montage except with DUI-conscious criminals. Second, it’s about beer and the only thing I wanted to do from 1pm on today was drink an exorbitant amount of beer.

Check out the video, it’s one of the best commercials I’ve seen all year.  Continue reading

NSD Approved: Izabel Goulart

30 Aug

It’s a pretty big cop out to ‘approve’ of someone who’s a Victoria Secret model, but in the case of Izabel Goulart, I feel it’s still warranted. Goulart is ridiculously hot, even for a Victoria Secret model. Izabel was a Victoria Secret  Angel, Sports Illustrated Swim Suit model, and now models for Armani. She’s smoking hot by any standards and as such you should immediately enjoy the collections of pictures below. Also, she’s currently single, just saying…

Kate Upton Pics. Because.

22 Aug

So this week has sucked so far. And Kate Upton is hot. As such, I have graciously included a bounty of pictures from her from recent shoots for Vogue and Contributor magazines. I’ll tell you one thing, she’s got the whole swimsuit model thing down. Pictures for your enjoyment below.

Miranda Kerr Photos Leaked

12 Aug

Photos of Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr were leaked online last week. Unlike recent celebrity leaks and phone hacks, these ones were done by professional photographer Laurent Darmon. Though this is not the first time the model has posed nude, she was also photographed naked for GQ and the 2010 Pirelli Calenda, these are clearly the best.

Pictures below (NSFW) Continue reading

Triple Jumper Snežana Rodić Has a Great Ass, Olympics Have Creepy Camera Men

31 Jul

Snežana Rodić is an Olympic Triple Jumper from Slovenia. She also fits perfectly into National Skirt Day’s current theme of Hot Olympians. An Olympics camera man recently shot the following footage of Snezana’s butt warm up. Granted, it must be boring at times being a camera man at the Olympics but come on.. what does your supervisor say when you give him your footage of the day and there is just 1:20 focused solely on this girl’s ass? Promotion? Check it out, it’s pretty classic.


More pictures of Snezana after the jump.. Continue reading

So Apparently the Dutch Field Hockey Team is Pretty Hot

30 Jul


Yahoo recently posted an article about the Dutch women’s field hockey team. Not about how talented they are obviously, but about how hot they are. Apparently the team has developed a pretty fervent group of followers at the Olympics. Obviously, as devoted followers of all things skirt-related, we approve. They’re playing against Japan tomorrow at 9:30 if you’re curious in oggling a group of very fit female athletes in orange skirts run around. Here’s hoping they’re all over 18, right?

ESPN Body Issue 2012

11 Jul

The ESPN body issue is always a little conflicting for us here at National Skirt Day. Obviously everyone enjoys a fit girl. If she’s so jacked that she could clearly kick the shit out of you, then you’re in trouble. This dilemma is one that is common when playing hot or not with the girls of the ESPN Body Issue. Check out the pics below and see for yourself.

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Heidi Klum Celebrated the 4th

5 Jul

Happy Belated 4th of July from National Skirt Day. We would have posted something yesterday but were fully incapacitated by this twitpic from Heidi Klum.. “Gorgeous Day,” she said. Sure fucking is.. To celebrate America’s birthday, here are some pics of  hot patriotic celebrities, including Gisele Bundchen, Pamela Anderson, and Cindy Crawford (as well as some random hot chicks..) Enjoy, and God Bless America.  Continue reading

Jenny McCarthy Playboy Cover

25 Jun

Jenny McCarthy (nearly 40) did an 8-page pictorial in the July/August double issue available Friday. It’s her six cover and seventh photo shoot so this is not exactly new for her. She was on the cover on Playboy in 1994, when I was in second grade, so I remember it well. That cover and more pics below  Continue reading

Search Engine Terms

21 Jun

One of my favorite NSD related things to do is go through the search terms that bring people to the site. WordPress compiles all kinds of stats about what brings people to the site and what countries they’re from. I’m always interested in what brings people to National Skirt Day, so I thought our readers may be interested as well.

Obviously, the thing that brings people first and foremost to the blog are posts related to naked celebrities, playboy shoots, the occasional nip slip, or every once in a while the full on crazy, animated, butt sex craving, cell phone pics (looking at you olivia munn..). Therefore, it should be no surprise that the search terms that most frequently bring people to NSD include:

Oliva Munn (Cell Phone Pics)

Blake Lively (Cell Phone Pics)

and Lindsay Lohan Playboy (pics)

Certain celebrities also have a different appeal, especially ones who are relatively new (but ridiculously hot) like Hannah Simone from New Girl or Kate Mara from Entourage. Others also make sense, like Kate Middleton searches skyrocketing during the Royal Wedding. Obviously it makes sense that “Kate Middleton Ass pics” would yield over 8,000 visits for NSD. What you might not have realized is that we actually also have a classy group of visitors who have arrived at our site over 125 times by searching “Duchess of Cambridge Ass”.

There is also a whole slew of search terms that are completely bizarre. Favorites include: Continue reading