1.  National Skirt Day (NSD)

Welcome to NationalSkirtDay.com, your home for the most wonderful time of the year.  Each year, as winter comes to a close, men and women across the country rush to their calendars to check for the possibility of  PWSD (Perfect Weather for Skirt Day): High temperatures in the seventies for the first time, abundant sun, and weather greater or equal to that for every day after.  While Punxsutawney Phil wildly declares winter to be over in early February because some cameraman has turned his light on too bright, Skirt Day has successfully predicted the start of 35 of the last 36 springs (Skirt Day Massacre of ’86 being the exception of course).  Here at NationalSkirtDay.com, we hope to be your go-to source for all that is great for this fantastic time of year,  including blog posts, pictures, celebrity sightings, open bars and events in your area, reports from around the country and college campuses, t-shirts, gear, and much more, all relating to that special day when girls finally shed the confines of pants and jump into skirts and sundresses.

2.  National Skirt Day (NSD)

National Skirt Day is that special day of the year when girls across the country shed the confines of their drab and restrictive winter pants and leggings for the freedom and comfort of skirts. Guys across the country celebrate this day after four months of suffering through the absence of any attractive stimuli and the return of something fantastic..


The Nationalskirtday.com staff is based out of Washington D.C.

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