Men’s Favorite Garment May Be the Skirt

7 Feb

cheerleading girlIt is indisputable that men like women in skirts.  This is as much a tautology as that men like online games or that playing at a casino online has many advantages over travelling to a land based casino.  What, then, is it about skirts that turns heads and frankly makes us drool?

The Ancients All Wore “Skirts”

Before men began wearing pants, everyone wore some form of skirt.  They weren’t called skirts back then; they were called togas, for example.  The toga was a skirt because it didn’t have pants legs so the skin was freely exposed beneath it.

In those days, the garments women wore were far less attractive than they are today.  The concept of skirts paralleled the development of modern dresses.  Both skirts and dresses were extremely confining to women.  Under both skirts and dresses, women had to wear hoops or petticoats or other confining garments.  A woman who didn’t wear such confining garb was considered a loose woman.

The Patriarchy Placed Requirements Upon Women

So, men, let’s be honest about it: we began to insist that our women wear skirts and dresses as a form of patriarchal control over them.  Women were seen as a form of possession until just recently by historical terms in the West and still are in many other world cultures.

As women became more involved in daily life, even though men were still clearly in charge, men wanted women to look as sexy as possible.  Skirts and dresses were the perfect garments for women, even when they were so long that men saw little if any leg.

Ahhh! Legs!

At this point in clothing history we arrive at an interesting truism of what men really like to look at when they look at women.  We like to see a woman’s face and we like to see a woman’s legs!  The former is so obvious we needn’t elaborate on it but the latter is a bit counter-intuitive.

Don’t men like to see the shape of a woman’s breast?  We do but we don’t generally see the actual breast.  Keep in mind that at the beach or poolside, we see very few skirts; at those happy places we see far more breast than we generally see on an average city street.

There is little in the way of clothing that enhances our view of the shape of a woman’s breasts.  Skirts and dresses, however, come in so many lengths and styles that we can feast our eyes on many different views of women’s legs.

The mini-skirt craze of the 1960’s was a combination of women releasing themselves from the constraints of the longer skirts and the newness and freshness embodied, literally, in the sexual revolution.  The mini-skirt craze played itself out in just a few years.  Calf-length skirts and dresses made a comeback by the early 1970’s because women quickly discovered that mini-skirts brought in their wake too much unwanted attention.

Today, the most common skirt length is just above the knee which satisfies almost every man’s desire to see some leg and a woman’s desire to be seen as modest.

Skirts vs Dresses

Finally, we have arrived at the single most interesting aspect of skirts for women: they afford both women and men the most flexibility in clothing.  Even though few men would venture to wear the patterns and color combinations women are so comfortable wearing, men love to see women wearing them!

As sexy as dresses are, and who can deny it, skirts allow women to mix and match far more than they can with dresses.  Men love the massive number of styles and combinations possible when women match tops and skirts.  We just don’t like to accompany women when they go shopping for such clothing combinations!

Men in Skirts

There is a nascent movement to put skits on men.  It will not get far.  Men have not been trained to sit with their legs together from a young age.  Women will never sit with their legs apart as men do.  So the skirt shall remain a woman’s garment and we, as men, will love them for it!

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