Mortal Kombat Sexiness Rankings

8 Jul


Mortal Kombat has created some of the greatest characters in video game history. For this story, we have removed all of the male characters leaving only the females. Then we ranked the women based on sexiness. Somebody has to do it….why not us? Because all of the women, with the exception of Sheeva, are hot we had to use our own reasoning behind the selections. I know this can be a touchy subject so feel free to comment on our selections and form your own list. The list is extensive so lets get started:

#1 – Kitana: About her – Kitana is over 10,000 years old. Her combo moves using the fan makes her one of the most popular fighters to use in the game. Why #1 – To us, she is undeniably the hottest fighter in MK history. Her appearance is similar to a sorority girl although she is actually a cougar. Additionally, we figured her fan could be a nice addition to a hot summer evening.


#2 – Tanya About her – Tanya’s debut was in Mortal Kombat IV. She sports an awesome fatality called the twisted Kiss of death. In this fatality she gives her enemy a kiss on the cheek which makes her opponent explode. Why #2 – Tanya started as an innocent girl before she was corrupted by evil. This is generally the best way to go if you want a hot girl that lacks ego. Also, her eyes are super hot in a sexy, strange sort of way.


#3 – Jade

About her – Jade first appeared in Ultimate Mortal Kombat III. Her main weapon was a metal staff and razor edged boomerangs. Why #3 – Jade sports a skin tight green outfit. It’s a look we love here at wiihotties following the “tighter the clothes the better” approach. Plus, pulling off looking good in green is impressive. And where do we begin on the legs.


#4 – Sonya Blade

About her – Sonya is part of a US special forces unit. Her signature move is sending balls of fire at opponents from her wrists called energy rings. she was one of the original females in the game. Why #4 – Sonya’s character is the most muscular and ripped female. In particular her abs stand out – actually they pop out. We can’t find a speck of bodyfat on her.


#5 – Nitara About her – Nitara is a vampire that spent her life looking for an orb to free her realm from the Outworld. Once she finds the orb, she smashes it and knocks herself unconscious. Upon awakening she was home. Her fatality is the neck bite, which is kind of hot until the blood starts dripping. Why #5 – For starters Nitara is in the top 5 for being a sexy vampire. Additionally, the dedication she showed finding the orb sounds like a great asset for a lasting relationship. However, we aren’t sure placing a dagger in her bikini bottoms is the best of moves.


#6 – Sindel About her – Sindel has flowing gray hair and is the queen of Edenia. She has mystical powers including her trademark ultrasonic scream and levitation abilities. Her fatality called scream of death is awesome – she rips her opponents skin off its body. Why #6 – Sindel is a queen. Queen’s have money. Besides being loaded with cash she is freaky hot and sports a great side boob.


#7 – Frost About her – Frost first appeared in Mortal Kombat 5. She became a protege of Sub-Zero but never learned the skill of humility. Her abilities to freeze items are similar to Sub-Zero’s although her moves freeze an area rather than an individual. Why #7 – Every picture of Frost reveals massive boobs, which we definitely enjoy. Do we need more of a reason?


#8 – Li Mei

About her – Li Mei is from a village that was forced into slavery. She fought her way to freedom. Her signature move includes shooting a purple ball of power at an opponent. One of her fatalities called Fatal kick is ruthless. She kicks an opponent in the stomach, holds it there for a second before pulling it out and kicking their head off. Why #8 – Li Mei use to be a slave and a hot one at that. Although we are certainly against slavery we assume there are a lot of benefits learned from this experience such as the ability to clean and cook. Plus, her kicks show amazing flexibility.


#9 – Mileena

About her – Mileena is Kitana’s sister. Although there is no sisterly love in this family; They actually hate each other. In fact, her wish is to kill her sister and claim her existence on her own. Why #9 – Mileena’s outfit gives her an unbelievable underboob look. Plus, being #1 ranked Kitana’s sister means you will get to see more of her. Most would argue she should be higher, but she is too much of a snake even for us.


#10 – Sareena

About her – Sareena is a demon ordered to kill Sub-Zero. After an unsuccessful attempt at killing him, Sub-Zero spares her and she becomes his ally. Why #10 – Sareena has a tattoo design over her face and a white streak in her hair. We aren’t digging the face, but the body is rocking.


#11 – Kira

About her – Kira disguised herself as a man and sold weapons to terrorists. She has multiple skills and can use Kano’s Cannonball technique and Sonya’s Kiss of Death. Her main fatality is the torso rip. Why #11 – Although attractive, the fact that she successfully disguised herself as a man puts a bad taste to our mouth hence the low ranking.


12 – Ashrah

About her – Ashrah was introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deception. She appears like a normal looking woman but is actually a demon. One of her signature moves is shooting a ball of white power at her opponents. Why #12 – Ashrah’s experience with deception might make her good at role play, but the fact remains she was once normal. Being normal is not a strong quality to have as a Mortal Kombat fighter.


#13 – Khamaleon

About her – Khamaleon is the last female of the Saurians, which is Reptile’s race. Her greatest asset is the ability to change colors which makes her partially invisible. She first became selectable in the Nintendo Wii version of MK: Armageddon. Why #13 – The invisibility stuff is cool, but we tend to enjoy seeing our partners so her ranking is low. Plus, despite her good looks the reptile thing turns us off.


#14 – Sheeva

About her – Sheeva belongs to the Outworld group Shokan. Her physical attributes of having four arms makes her powerful. Why #14 – Yes, the four arms could have advantages, but she is clearly the ugliest female in the game. She is a true beast with or without alcohol.



Bonus MK Fighter – Taja is a character in the TV series Mortal Kombat: Conquest, which is played by Kristanna Loken. Although, she isn’t in the video game she certainly deserves a spot in the rankings being so damn hot.


Like I mentioned above ranking the female characters of Mortal Kombat was not an easy task. Feel free to comment, tell us our rankings are perfect, or create your own list.

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