Gear Up For College

30 Jul

girl chuggler

Summer is halfway over, and for college students there are only a few weeks left. Most students go back to school in August, which is in just a few days. I say this every year but the summer is flying by. So for some, this will be their first year as freshmen, and other will be reuniting with all of their bros to talk about how hungover they were at their internships everyday. Either way, the next month usually involves a lot of spending on school supplies.

When I say school supplies, I don’t mean notepads and pencils. I mean college student supplies as in beer bongs and beer helmets. Yes, for those of you entering the dorm you probably will play it more conservative and load up on mini fridges, sheets, and irons. But for the more senior students, it’s all about getting pumped up for a party-filled semester. That usually means heading back to college town a week before classes start just so you can party every night without any worries the next morning.

When it comes to stacking up on new party supplies I usually just browse for something cool to start the new semester with. However, I recently came across a new website that handles all of this for me. is a site that does all the work for you and posts a new party paraphernalia and drinking products every day. I was browsing their site and I found some cool toys such as a chuggler, Bear Pong, and even hangover remedies. The site provides reviews for all these products also, they claim to only feature products that they think are the best. Think of it as an online shopping mall for college parties. I recommend you check out the website and spend as much of your parents money as you can so you can start of the new college year with a bang.

college bear pong


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