Ray Lewis versus Deer Antler Extract and Anna Welker

29 Jan

A few things happened with Ray Lewis this week. First, According to Sports Illustrated, the iconic Baltimore Ravens linebacker tried to obtain deer-antler velvet extract in an attempt to speed the healing for a torn triceps that sidelined him for more than half the season. And second, he has accepted the apology of Anna Burns Welker, wife of New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker, for unfortunate Facebook remarks she made about Lewis after the Ravens beat the Pats in the AFC championship game Jan. 20.

Not sure whether to believe either of these remarks, however the second brings us to an interesting topic. And that topic is Anna Welker. She’s about the only thing there is to like about the Patriots. And if Wes Welker leaves the Patriots this year, there will be a whole lot more to like about Anna. The 32-year-old Anna Burns Welker  from Fayetteville, North Carolina, was crowned the  2005 Miss Hooters International Pageant in Miami, FL, she was also named Miss December in the 2005 Hooters Calendar.The following year  Anna Burns was in the cover of the 2006 Hooter Magazine and calendar, add to that her appearances in tons of television commercials, no wonder she was voted the 2007 “Best Damn Dream Girl.” Anna Welker posed topless however she covered up the good stuff with her hands. Soooo, naturally, we had to post pics…


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