NSD Approved: Melanie Iglesias

17 Oct

Does it make you mad that Vinny Guadagnino from the Jersey Shore was dating Melanie Iglesias? Vinny is a cool guy on the show but Melanie is way out of his league. She tweeted last week that she is single again so I guess she agrees. At least now it makes more sense why Vinny declared a vow of celibacy on the first episode of this season; seems like he was trying to keep his relationship status on the low.

I think the best way for Melanie to move on from Vinny is to release as many photos and videos of herself as possible. And that’s just what she did with this new behind the scenes video shoot. And this isn’t the first video she has provided us. Melanie has also made a video of her using a hula hoop in slow-motion which made its way to youtube a few months ago.

So what is so great about Melanie Iglesias? She’s a Brooklyn girl. According to her MTV bio, Melanie is a Brooklyn girl born and bred. She has a diverse background. Melanie tweets that she is “mostly Puertorican and Italian,” adding “there is a little Filipino in the mix.” She’s really, really hot. It’s no surprise that Melanie has been on the cover of Maxim and was their 2010 Hometown Hotties champion and part of their Maxim Hot 100 of 2011 list. Just look at her! She wants to be an actress; Melanie’s MTV bio notes that “Melanie is now up for lead roles in featured films, commercials and more.” That means we will be seeing more of her on the big screen. She has a sense of humor. Her YouTube channel includes a video showing off her hidden talent (talking with her mouth closed), and another featuring her and a friend racing to see who can eat two cheeseburgers the fastest. If you don’t already love this girl more than food or breathing, we can change your mind with pictures.

One Response to “NSD Approved: Melanie Iglesias”

  1. Roberto de la Cruz October 17, 2012 at 7:36 am #

    does not matter-both look alike—

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