NSD Approved: Heather Clem aka Heather Cole

9 Oct

Last week, a Hulk Hogan sex tape leaked on Gawker, which revealed Hollywood Hogan banging Bubba the Love Sponge’s wife. I’m not sure which is stranger, the fact that Hulk Hogan’s best friend is cool with him banging his wife, or that Hulk Hogan is talking about how full he feels from eating immediately after. Either way, the video which was recorded 6 years ago, shows that Hogan has some psychological issues. The best part is that Linda Hogan claimed Heather Clem is her best friend and would never betray her like this.

We’re not in the business of featuring Hulk Hogan sex tapes; however, the video does feature a babe that is probably getting more publicity now than her husband’s radio show ever got her. We don’t know too much about Heather except that she’s got a great body and is down to get freaky on video. Apparently she is also known for posting provocative pictures of herself online.

As a brief biography, Heather Clem was born Heather Cole and has since returned to that name legally. She became radio host Bubba the Love Sponge’s wife in January 2007, known to her without the nickname as Todd Alan Clem. They were married in January, 2007 in a quiet ceremony at a baptist church in St. Petersburg, Florida. She separated from his wife in 2010 and their divorce was finalized in February of this year. Hulk Hogan was the best man.

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