Tomorrowland 2012: Is this the greatest video of all time?

17 Sep

When I posted last year’s tomorrowland video I made some dumbass comment about how it was probably one of the best videos I’ve ever seen.  Now I use superlatives and exaggerations a lot, as you probably know from reading these posts.  Last week the Tomorrowland 2012 after movie came out, and I’m not going to use a superlative.  I’m just going to ask the question, “Is this the greatest video of all time?”  I’m not saying anything because I’m sure next year’s will be somehow better than this, but thinking of that is mind boggling.  If you don’t know, Tomorrowland is basically the mecca for house music.  Like casual house music fans will go to clubs on saturday nights and have a good time and maybe go to an avicii show here or there.  Intense house music fans will go to a bunch of festivals a year, EDC, Electric Zoo, maybe even fly out to a few.  But everyone knows that one guy who goes to 3-4 shows every week and flies around the world for electronic music shows.  That guy has probably been to this.  Well after watching this video it is time for the NSD to move up a notch and take the plunge.  There is absolutely no way I’m missing this shit next year.  Oh my god.  Just watch the video.

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