Would You Bang The Boss From Workaholics?

18 Jul

If you watch Workaholics you’ve seen the paranoid, tourettes-like responses, miserable, yet kind of good looking boss. She’s a little bit older, and not a smokeshow, but does the fact that she’s the boss balance that out and create the incentive to want to bang her? I don’t know if it’s her power, her attitude or the fact that she looks like she’s always sexually frustrated, she manages to be the babe of the show. The fantasy of banging your boss is one that just about every dude who has worked under a woman has indulged in, but no manager on TV has the ability to inspire a “fearection” as well as Alice Murphy on Comedy Central’s hilarious Workaholics. The Senior Sales Manager at TelAmeriCorp has exactly zero time for hijinks from the boys, but you just know that  there’s a deep well of sexual tension boiling underneath her surface that’s going to explode one day. And it’s going to be very, very messy. We are currently in season 3 of the show. Will we get season 4 with more of Alice Murphy who is played by Maribeth Monroe? And would you bang her?

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