Bachelor Party Neccesities

13 Jun

Had a blast at a bachelor party last weekend and I decided I needed to make sure everyone had a guide to throw a great bachelor party. Here is what you will need…

House/Condo– Wherever you may choose as a destination, I recommend renting a house or a condo for all your boys to crash in. Hotel rooms don’t allow for as much broing, and can make it harder to keep everyone together on schedule. If you have 15 bros, you are going to need plenty of room for beer pong and a hotel room just isn’t going to cut it.

Non-Disclosure agreement– Make everyone sign an agreement that they will not speak of what goes on, or take incriminating pictures of the weekend.


Food/Beer/Liquor– This is self explanatory, pregaming is required and late night food will be appreciated.

Pong Balls

List for bachelor to complete– Every girl loves to talk to a bachelor just before he is to get married. This is why you make a list of things the bachelor has to do every night. For instance, one objective would be to get a girl to show you naked pictures of herself from her phone.

Strippers– This can be in any form whether it be going to a strip club or getting a girl to flash the group.

Pay for the bachelor– Make sure the bachelor’s expenses are covered for the weekend and that he doesn’t pay for anything from start to finish.

Name tags– make funny name tags each night. They can be funny or creepy. Either way it’s peacocking and they will get girls’ attention.

After multiple bachelor parties, I think I have figured out something that has never been stumbled on before. Even if none of your friends are getting married, it might be wise to fake a bachelor party everytime you go out. Just switch off amongst your single guy friends for who is the bachelor, and go out with the fake story. Girls love to talk to guys in the wedding party. Give the bachelor something to stand out that says bachelor and it will draw in all the girls.


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