Game of Thrones: Who is the Hottest?

7 Jun

There is no doubt about it, the Game of Thrones series has HOT women. Not only are they hot, but the entire cast seems more than willing to get naked. There are so many great sex scenes that it makes every girl watching for the first time think that the show is  a porno. The show is amazing to begin with, and the second season just ended with an unbelievable finale; but which babe is your favorite? We’ll break down all the hotties from the first two seasons…

Some of the links below are NSFW.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys, also known as Khalessi, is arguably one of the hottest characters. She is naked within her first scene and ends the first season naked. She started the series off as the shy Targaryen princess who was sold of to be Kahl Drogo’s wife and Queen aka his girl to bang doggy style on the reg. However, she is now one of the most badsss characters on the show, marching through anything that gets in between her and the throne. Also, she has dragons that breathe fire. It doesn’t get cooler than that. Emilia Clarke, the actress playing Daenerys who oddly enough is a brunette in real life, is from England and hadn’t had a real role before Game of Thrones. Looks like casting turned out pretty damn well. She looks great on and off the screen.













If you watched season 2’s finale, you already know that Doreah will not be making it back for season 3. But for the first two seasons, although her past involves a career of prostitution, she served Khalessi, and also taught her how to get down. Every guy has that instinct where we can tell if a girl will be a good hookup, well Doreadh definitely seems like she would be fun. When I was first writing this I didn’t think we ever got to see her naked, but then I remembered Viserys Targaryen hooked up with her midway through the first season. Her character is played by Roxanne McKee who also is hot off the set. Another actress that for the most part hasn’t acted in anything notable before. Two bad we won’t get anymore of her since she’s a trader, but can her looks compete?



Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell, who we haven’t seen a whole lot of so far, is on a mission to become “The Queen” of Kings Landing. In fact, she will do just about anything for it including faking a marriage with a gay character, and even marrying Joffrey. She seems fearless, and I suspect we will get to see more of her in the next season. So far we are 3 for 3 in the cast getting naked, Margaery didn’t hold back in her premier. This chick, who would do anything for royalty, is played by Natalie Dormer, who was also just in ‘The Avengers’. She is hot, but does she lose credibility if she marries Joffrey?












As addicting as the show is, we cannot deny there is some fucked up and ridiculously unexpected scenes that we’ve been subject to. The one character who this centers around is the witch like woman, Melisandre. It seems like she is brainwashing or hypnotizing Stannis Baratheon. She even drove him to kill his own brother. On the other hand, we do get a sex scene out of her, and not a bad one at all. While it was nice to get her clothes off rather than watching her do all that black magic, the flip side of it was a little disturbing. Giving birth to a demon-like shadow baby just weird. I will say that Carice van Houten plays the part well. And maybe some guys are just into that sort of thing. Plus, she’s known to lose her clothes in several of her other roles. Don’t be afraid to google those.












This season we were introduced to Ygritte and to tell you the truth I’m not a huge fan so far. I think it’s mostly her accent that bothers me. On the upside, I hope Jon Snow gets it in, so maybe next season she will give us a better view of her without her Wildlings snow gear. Rosie Leslie is the actress, and guess what. She is Scottish. No surprise there. Let’s hope she changes our minds next season.








Talisa Maegyr

Next up us Talisa, and she is my personal favorite. I know I will be voting for her, she is such a smokeshow, Rob Stark is the man for hitting that. She acts very humble and peasant-like but I have a feeling she has some type of backstory coming up. Oona Castilla Chaplin is Spanish actress, can’t complain there. She has done a few TV shows before, nothing too popular, and she is the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin. Great character and a great body. Can’t ask for anything more. Now that she has married Rob, I’m hoping we get more of her.











We’ve got another hottie, Shae start as Tyrion’s prostitute and eventually becomes his girlfriend. By the way, Tyron is the man! Shae seems like the pretty innocent girl that keeps to herself, however we’ve seen she has a badass side to her when she takes a knife to one of the other maids. The fact that she used to be a prostitute pretty much guaranteed us that she would be naked on the show, and that’s exactly what we got shortly after her first appearance. Sibel Kekilli looks good in some pics and not so much in others. It’s a toss up. Does she have what it takes to outdo the others?











Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister. Not much to say about her except, What a bitch. Kinda weird, she loves to get banged by her relatives. However, I will say that in the first episode when she was getting banged by Jame Lannister in the tower was one of her better scenes. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten glimpse of the goods, I can only hope the producers can fit that into the series in the remaining seasons. She’s definitely the MILF type. Cersei’s character is played by one of the more known actresses in the series. English actress Lena Headey has been in several movies including Waterland, The Brothers Grimm, and 300. I guess she already had a good track record and didn’t need to show her tits to get casted in the series. Oh well…












Osha is the wildling that becomes a servant of Winterfell but ends up saving Bran Stark’s life in the end of season 2. For most of the series I didn’t think very much of her until she lost her clothes late in the second season. I will say she has a good body, and a not great face. Natalia Tena also is in Harry Potter so it is very surprising she was down with the nude scene. She was a tossup for the poll but made it in at the last second.










So here’s the tough part. You can only choose one…

3 Responses to “Game of Thrones: Who is the Hottest?”

  1. robertode52r June 8, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    they both good actress-both beauties-xxxooo

  2. Bob April 9, 2014 at 3:26 am #

    Natalie dormer wasn’t in “avengers” she was in “captain America the first avenger”

  3. titsguy May 1, 2014 at 11:20 am #

    What about Ros!??!

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