NSD Approved: Miss USA Olivia Culpo

4 Jun

Last night after watching the truly incredible Game of Thrones season finale (if you don’t watch it, immediately leave your job, drive home, and watch the 20 episodes you have waiting for you. Why haven’t you done this sooner?  What’s wrong with you?  You should be ashamed of yourself), I obviously had to check in with the final five girls left on Miss USA.  First of all, the final “question” round is truly impossible.  Everyone always rips on these girls for being idiots, but that shit would be ridiculously hard for anyone.  They ask absurd questions out of nowhere and expect you to answer in front of millions of people?  One girl got “Talk about a time a girl was shown poorly in a movie and give an example.”  What?  I couldn’t answer that if you gave me 30 minutes to do research, let alone right away.  Or even worse, horribly controversial questions.  The girls go from having to look good in a bikini, to looking good in a dress, to doing full group dance routines, to showing an absurd talent like playing full Opuses on the violin, to suddenly having to offer their opinion on transgenders or abortion.  Come on.  Ridiculous competition.  That said, Miss Rhode Island aka the new Miss USA aka Olivia Culpo straight up KILLED IT in last night’s competition. After clearly being the hottest girl throughout, she dominated world class idiot Rob Kardashian’s question about transgenders, and immediately won.  Here’s hoping Olivia Culpo will go onto replacing Katherine Heigl and Cameron Diaz in romcoms.  Quick gallery after the jump.

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