It would be fun to live with Sara Jean Underwood

26 Apr

If you haven’t heard of Me in My Place, you need to immediately navigate away from this site (after clicking random shit for 5 minutes first to get our hit count up) and check it out immediately.  The business idea is awesome: have super hot girls hang around in their underwear and pretend like that’s what they look like all the time.  They usually have normal girls on there, which is pretty awesome in itself, but recently they’ve taken to just having full models on there.  Which I guess is what Sara Jean Underwood is?  Is Sara Jean Underwood an actress?  Is she a model?  What does she do?  Is she just a random Playboy person?  Every time I see her she is doing something like the above in a video.  These are questions that aren’t really important here.  Just watch the video.  This is questionably NSFW.  There’s not really any nudity…but you will definitely get some judging looks from those around you, unless the people around you are all guys.

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