NSD Approved: Maria Menounos

19 Apr

For anyone that missed our staff’s barrage of tweets on Monday, happy late National Skirt Day!  (follow us at @natlskirtday).  As this is the happiest time of the year, it’s time to welcome a new member to the NSD Approved family, the second hardest club to get into in the US (Augusta National being #1) obviously.  Welcome to Maria Menounos, who at this point is getting pretty damn close to entering the top five most marryable girls in the world category.  Not only is she smoking hot, her interests include sitting courtside at sporting events decked out in her team’s gear (although it sucks that she cheers for Boston, but she’s from there so it’s okay), going to the beach and wearing ridiculous bikinis, playing in charity softball events and looking incredible, and honoring absurd bets that she makes, including wearing a bikini in times square on national television.  Keep doing what you’re doing Maria.  And welcome to the club. Also as a side note, Derek Hough can go fuck himself with his make out sessions that he’s having with her right now on Dancing with the Stars.  Full gallery after the jump.  

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