Skirt Jam of the Week – Avicii’s Entire Ultra Set

30 Mar

I admit this is a long skirt jam, seeing that it’s a full hour.  If you only have about ten minutes of skirt jam tim today, listen about 48 minutes and on is the best as it’s a Goyte- Somebody I used to Know mixed with Levels remix, while a full light show goes on and fireworks go off over the water in the background.  I actually think it would have probably been a top five moment in my life if I were there, but I luckily NSD Staff will be travelling en masse to EDC in New York in May so we’ll get our fill then.  In the meantime, this entire set is awesome, and the fact that it’s filmed with a bunch of HD cameras all over the stage adds to it.  FYI this is also the one where Madonna got in a fight with Deadmau5 for introducing Avicii by asking if anyone had seen Molly.  Just watch the whole thing. Don’t try to tell yourself you do a lot of work after 3PM on a Friday.

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