NSD Approved – Holly Sonders

30 Mar

It is no surprise to the staff here at NSD know that the three Gs (Girls, Golf, and Guns) are probably my favorite things of all time.  If I could think of a slang word for alcohol that started with a G it would be the 4 Gs.  At any rate, it is not every day where you can have 1 of the 3, let alone 2 of the three Gs, to occupy your time.  This, however, is one of those days.  Check out DJStrongisland’s post “Girls with Guns” for another miraculous day @ https://nationalskirtday.com/2011/06/10/hot-girls-with-guns/

It was only a few years ago where every girl that you would see on TV holding a golf club was uglier than ugly and fatter than fat.  Google Nancy Lopez, then multiply her by the number of women on the LPGA tour and you get an accurate representation of the amount of nastiness that it comprised of.  It hasn’t been until recently that hot girls have actually become half way decent golfers.

Although the focus of this post is not about a golfer on the LPGA tour, the old maxim” “those that cannot do, teach.  Those that cannot teach (and are hot) become new casters.” Holly Sonders is just one of those people and an amazing one at that.  The golf channel has had the likes of Kelly Tilghman for some time.  Unfortunately, she has long held the title of “hottest news reporter who’s obnoxiousness is not outweighed by her attractiveness”.  Although, I contest that the description of “hottest” when talking about Kelly Tilghman is generous at best, I think we all get the point.  Now back to Holly, not only is she hot, but she actually plays golf.  She was on Michigan State’s team during her tenure there and plays several pro-ams throughout the year.  Not too mention, look at her form, even Tiger Woods is jealous of that swing finish!  Google the crap out of her, I’m sure you will enojoy.

2 Responses to “NSD Approved – Holly Sonders”

  1. Chris April 1, 2012 at 9:43 am #

    Grog – An English slang term for alcohol. The 4 G’s haha

  2. James April 9, 2012 at 11:07 am #

    She’s effin hot. What I’d give to hide my salami into every crack on that babe.

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