Apple Media Event: The New iPad

7 Mar

Apple released several new products at today’s media event but the big news was The New Ipad.  Here are the new features discussed earlier in the day:

-Retina Display

-A5X Chip

-4G LTE Capable

-5MP Rear Camera

-1080P Video Recording

-Same Battery Life

What do I think?  Should you buy it?  If you want an iPad with a data plan (Verizon or AT&T), I suggest you buy The New iPad with 4G/LTE capability.  However, if you are comfortable with just a wifi antenna, I reccomend sticking with an iPad 2.  The New iPad offers great features but they are not all that ground breaking to require spending the extra cash.  If you have the extra cash, by all means, go with the new one.  The Retina Display is great but the display on the old one was great too.  I don’t expect you will appreciate the upgrade in display unless you are using graphic intensive apps.  The new camera is a plus but most will use their iPhone or other camera/phone device to take pictures more easily.  And the new chip…  Faster and smoother is better, but the iPad 2 was also pretty fast and smooth.


The media event released several other new products as well, including:

-New Apple TV Set-Top Box with 1080p Video and Updated Interface

-iPhoto for iPad with Photo Editing and Organization Features

-iOS 5.1 Now Available with Japanese Siri, Camera Enhancements, and More

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