Olivia Munn’s Cell Phone was Hacked

4 Mar

Olivia Munn’s cell phone was hacked over the weekend, and I’d just like to take the time to commend the hacker sitting somewhere in a dark basement for his or her work.  It’s nice to see that our country’s hackers are taking time off from messing with youtube or the state department website and really giving something back.  Turns out Olivia Munn is just an absolute freak. The alleged text messages and pictures were sent to Chris Pine, of Star Trek fame, who apparently just has even better life than we thought.  Link to pictures and text messages via Barstool Sports after the jump.  And one more thing: Olivia: you are now NSD Approved, for obvious reasons.  

Olivia Munn pictures and text messages

2 Responses to “Olivia Munn’s Cell Phone was Hacked”

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