Skirt Jam of the Week – Young the Giant – My Body

17 Feb

Mid-February is the toughest stretch to get through on our neverending path towards the summer ie NSD weather.  Just know you’ve made it this far, you can make it another month or two.  December is out the door, January is long gone, and February is basically over since we’re to President’s day weekend already.  As was evident by our twitter exploding last week, there have already been some cheapy half-NSD’s across DC and NYC with suprise 55 degree days.  Once we hit into March we’ll be sure to get a few more previews before the big show.  In the meantime, bands like Young the Giant help get us through this last tough stretch.  They are one of the 8,000 bands playing Bonnaroo this year, and this will be the first of many Bonnaroo related posts over the next few months, since the NSD staff is attending. If you aren’t going, you should calmly navigate away from this page and purchase your ticket and then you’ll probably get more enjoyment out of posts like this.  Either way, these guys are great, their first album hit late 2010 and I guess they are getting pretty big, selling out shows down the East Coast this spring. Enjoy the long weekend.

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