Blake Griffin is just like Me

31 Jan

If you aren’t familiar with Blake Griffin, he is a 22-year old, 6’10, 251 pound NBA forward living in LA making $5.3 million a year.  When he’s working, he’s averaging 21 points a game and 11 rebounds, when he’s not working, he’s banging supermodels in exclusive clubs all over the world.  If you don’t know Blake, at least you know me since I share literally every single one of those qualities with him, except his salary since I obviously make a lot more than that.  Regardless, Griffin also happens to be the best dunker in the league, and last night might have been his best yet.  If I were Kendrick Perkins I would go home and cry myself to sleep. While wiping tears away with $100 bills.  I want to be an NBA basketball player, if you haven’t figured this out by now.

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