Seth Rogan won the Golden Globes

16 Jan

Last night was the Golden Globes, where they usually give out some really dumb awards and celebrities get hammered.  The only thing worth mentioning from the show (Besides Homeland winning best drama and best actress, both very deserved) was this moment, where A) Kate Beckinsale walked out and was legitimately maybe the hottest girl I’ve ever seen and B) Seth Rogan had the joke of the night, which is saying something since Ricky Gerveis was hilarious as usual.  Also a 25% chance it wasn’t a joke since oh my god Kate Beckinsale is ridiculous.  Who is Kate Beckinsale married to?  I’m pretty sure it’s just a normal man.  Like a non celebrity. There’s hope for all of us.

Important Update: Kate Beckinsale is married to the director of all the Underworld Movies, Die Hard 4, and this year’s Total Recall reboot.  To clarify my point above, there actually is not hope for all of us.  Only directors of mediocre action movies.

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    […] So maybe hottest woman I’ve ever seen is the phrase.  And this video is amazing.  And Seth Rogan probably wasn’t lying.  No more superlatives.  Just watch the video.  If you disagree with anything I’ve said you […]

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