AnnaLynne McCord Tweeted herself Topless

11 Jan

AnnaLynne McCord won the 2011 NSD Award for “Probably the hottest girl alive who must be a terrible actress because she’s not very famous,” formerly held by Megan Fox.  She also seems like one of the funnest girls alive.  Watch any of her interviews and she just talks about partying, running around topless on the beach, watching sports, and getting with guys (the 4 best qualities in a girl, obviously).  Unfortunately I guess she’s a pretty bad actress, as her only role is on new 90210 which I just assume is terrible since its on the CW and I have never met anyone who has referenced it in any way other than to say “that shitty show Annalynn McCord is on.” Either way, AnnaLynne, as is her personality, decided to tweet a picture of herself to a fan, but she also happened to be topless and “mistakenly” caught her nipple in the shot.  How does that happen?  Every time I take a picture I immediately review the picture and ask one question, “Are my genitals showing?”  Who doesn’t do that?  Apparently  not Annalynne Mccord, and we thank her for that.  Picture via a link (NSFW unless you work somewhere that allows you to look at topless pictures) after the jump. 

WWTDD NSFW Picture Link

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