2012 Startups Part II

9 Jan

Last week, Don’tTazeMeBro posted a link to another blog’s article on 15 Startups to Watch in 2012.  This week, I’m featuring 3 startups that I personally will be following in 2012.  These 3 upcoming startups are online websites that offer free services I can see myself using in the nightlife, transportation, and gym industries. 

Coming into the new year, everyone has their resolutions they try to stick to.  Why you have to use a new year as a reason to declare a resolution opposed to any other day beats me.  I personally don’t believe in New Years Resolutions.  However, one of the most popular resolutions amongst the human race is to actively make an appearance to the gym.  There’s nothing more annoying than my gym becoming overly crowded for the first few weeks of every new year because non-gym goers convince themselves if they start the new year working out, they will last all year.  Regardless, most of these people just stand around watching others work out until they realize they might as well just stay at home sitting on the couch.  

Recently, a new app has been released for the iPhone that aims to solve this problem.  The new startup, GYMPACT, has set out to provide a new source  of motivation to keeping people in the gym.  It penalizes those who skip a workout day, and rewards anyone who meets their goals in the gym.  Here is how it works…   You can download their app, which is available for the iPhone.  Next you set the amount of days you want to get to the gym per week and a monetary amount you want to be penalized for skipping out.  Then, every time you get to the gym, you check-in, similar to how foursquare works, and the GYMPACT app verifies that you are there.  At the end of the week, if you failed to reach your goal, you will be charged the monetary amount you set via your stored credit card.  If you reached your goals, you’ll be rewarded with a portion of the money from all of those who skipped out on the gym and were charged.  Although, I don’t need this app to get myself in the gym, it would be nice to make some extra cash for something I already do.  If you have an iPhone and your gym is registered in their location database, this app would be a great way to get motivated to become more fit. 

Ever wanted to know what was popping for the night in your area?  Been with a group of friends and you couldn’t decide what bar or club to head to?  In a new city and looking for the best spot to start your night at?  Now you can do that with MyNyte.  MyNyte shows you which bars are popular at what times.  And their data is generated from real users.  Their website and iPhone app aim to take over the social networking niche of nightlife.  It provides you the hot spots each night, based on your profile, and allows you to share it with your friends.  My personal favorite feature is you will be able to see which bars have a good crowd at any specific time.  Another great use of the service is if you are traveling to a new city for the night/weekend and you want to find something to do at night.  If you’re not familiar with the area, MyNyte will ensure you go to the right place.  Here is an example.  You are on a business trip to Tampa and you are staying overnight, leaving the next morning.  You want to go out after a full day’s work but aren’t quite sure where to go.  You would be able to use your MyNyte app and see where people in the area are planning to go.  So, you would be able to look up Blue Martini, an upscale bar, and see that there are going to be 250 people there on that specific night because MyNyte users are planning to go there. You will be able to see male / female ratios too.  How cool is that?  This is the perfect app to avoid a sausage fest.  The perfect way to make sure you end up where there are plenty of chicks.  Currently this is only available in select cities but the team is planning on releasing it across the country in the next few weeks.  Get this app to make sure there is never a dull night.

Do you pay an unreasonable amount for parking at your office every day?  Do you have an empty driveway that you rarely use?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, we have a startup for you to check out.   ParkAtMyHouse is a new web based service that connects people who need a place to park, with others who have vacant parking.  They provide members’ driveways, private parking, and garage spots to others to rent.  If you don’t use your driveway, and you are in an urban area, you can rent it out to someone who needs somewhere to park every day.  The website allows you to enter your zip code to get an idea of how much money you can generate with your spot every month.  First we looked at how much it would cost to rent a parking space in our area.  The results showed it would cost $90/month at a private driveway down the street.  This is cheaper than what our building costs which is $110/month for the garage.  Next we entered our zip code to see what our own parking spot is estimated to be worth per year.  The results showed $5,000/year.  This would be a great source of extra income.  The site is fairly new in the US, but as it grows, we expect it will be a great service for both parkers and renters. 

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