Coolest Urinals

27 Dec

Every time I go to a new bar or club, one thing I evaluate the experience by are the bathrooms.  The faster/cleaner/unique the bathrooms are, the higher in my book I value the establishment.  One thing in particular I’m not fond of are bathroom attendants.  They are just annoying.  I don’t need someone to turn on the water or hand me a paper towel.  In a crowded bar environment, they only get in the way if there is a line to use the urinal.  In any case, I came across a video of the coolest urinals that every bathroom should have.  I’m sure we all have thought of an idea like this before, and now it is a reality.

After watching this video, I feel bad for the janitor who probably has to clean the floors from all of the drunk guys missing the urinal while playing this game.  A crash in the woods equals a pee on your neighbors foot.  However, could be a good way to make some money from advertising.

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