Skirt Jam of the Week – Mac Miller – Knock Knock

23 Dec

If you haven’t been watching 24/7 you might not know why I’m posting this.  Also, if you haven’t been watching 24/7, please navigate away from this site (after clicking on a few random things to drive up our hits), and immediately watch the first two episodes.  This edition focuses on the 2012 Winter Classic, which this year pits the Flyers (clearly the best hockey team in the league) against the Rangers, a team most notably known for the horrible douchebags who cheer for them.  HBO can make literally anything look interesting with these documentary series, since the 24/7 on Nascar last year was fantastic and I’d rather sit and stare at a wall than watch cars race around a track.  Both teams are made up of a great cast of characters this season, none more so than Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov who has for two straight weeks talked exclusively about how big the universe is and how huskies remind him of blond haired girls. But back to the point of this song.  After each Flyers win, the team runs into the locker room and immediately blasts this song, the perfect anthem for a win and ensuing party.  As you drink heavily the next couple of weeks with family for Christmas and then with friends on New Year’s, give this one a try.

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