The Dark Knight Rises Looks Unbelievable

19 Dec

The new Dark Knight Rises trailer finally came out today officially, so we don’t have to watch it on camera phones anymore.  It obviously looks incredible.  I saw it in front of MI:4  in IMAX this weekend (also a great movie by the way, and Paula Patton is NSD Approved immediately), and the entire theater cheered when the preview ended.  I can’t remember a movie that was this anticipated since…The Dark Knight.  I might actually go see this at midnight if I can stand being with all the nerds dressed up.  Also, going off of DJStrongIsland’s post last week, the 6 minute prologue is after the jump.  Watch it fast since I’m sure it will be taken down in about 5 minutes like the last one.   Check out the 6 minute prologue here, if you can stomach the horrible quality.  Seems like its basically similar to the first scene in Dark Knight, where they focus on the new villain.  Looks like Bane is being brought to prison and organizes an escape.  Basically its Con Air but 15 years later and about 100 times better.

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