Tiger Woods is Back

8 Dec

Nothing made me happier than seeing Tiger finally getting back in the winner’s circle Sunday.  The staredown, the fist pump, the roar of the crowd, it’s all something that’s been missing in golf the last two years save for a couple of exciting masters runs.  Say what you will about him in his personal life, but Tiger is the most important and exciting athlete for a sport since MJ was for basketball.  Listening to all these idiots saying “oh Tiger will never get it back, he’s terrible, he’s washed up” has been infuriating.  First off, their assumption of “he is terrible” in the context of golf is completly wrong. He hasn’t won in 26 starts.  He hasn’t won a major in two years (despite having a bunch of top tens).  For any golfer in the world besides Tiger, that woudln’t be a “slump.” That wouldn’t be bad at all in fact.  Most golfers would be happy to put together the top tens he’s had.  A golfer who wins more than one major in a lifetime is known as a great golfer, let alone someone who wins as many as Tiger.  The fact that he won at such a historic  pace beforehand is the only reason that discussion is even happening. The second assumption, that “he’ll never get it back” is an even more ridiculous notion.  The best golfer in history, the most athletic golfer in history, the best mental and physical player of the sport, the one who pioneered the way an entire generation works at the sport doesn’t just lose it.  He just doesn’t.  And of course there are still some haters that say “oh there were only 18 golfers this doesn’t count.” They don’t mention the fact that the 18 golfers were all the best in the world.  Either way, I hope these people keep saying these things, because the amount of money I’ve bet them and will happily collect next year when he wins a major is going to feel great.  In the meantime, I couldn’t be more excited for next year’s Masters.  Gin buckets, green jackets, and watching Tiger charge down the back 9, nothing better.  And of course NSD is around that time of the year too…

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