Electric Daisy Carnival Looks Fun

22 Nov

After seeing Avicii this weekend literally all I want to do is see more house music concerts.  Turns out there is something called Electric Daisy Carnival, which is a three day concert featuring basically everyone who is good in the house music world.  And its held in….Las Vegas. The only thing holding me back from buying a ticket immediately is the 75% chance that I would literally die if I went.  If you don’t want to go after watching this video something is wrong with you.

3 Responses to “Electric Daisy Carnival Looks Fun”

  1. Chris Conner November 23, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

    The first time I went was this past year. It was amazing. I came over the top of the pavillion and it was like being transported into a different world. It truly is something you MUST MUST MUST go do. Even if you only marginally like EDM you will walk away fulfilled. Next round of tickets go onsale on Feb 3rd after everyone is done nursing their hangovers.


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