Female Guest Post: How to Hook up in the Winter

16 Nov

Everyone knows hooking up in the winter is almost impossible.  Gone are the days of heading to the beach and hooking up at a beach bar and offering to bring a girl back to your boat (which is a clearly a lie but always works).  Instead you are greeted with 4 months straight of mind-numbing coldness not to mention about 4 hours of sunlight during the day.  I’m convinced 70% of the female population goes into full hibernation during the winter, choosing to spend fridays having “girl’s nights in” which means sitting around in sweatshirts watching romcoms. The other problem with the winter is that there’s no way to look good.  In the summer you just throw on a bathing suit, t shirt, and sunglasses, and you’re golden.  In the winter?  A…sweatshirt?  About 10 layers to get the 10 degree weather away from you?

Luckily for us at NSD, we have a female guest writer willing to help with what she claims are tried and true tips for how to look good enough to actually score in the winter time. Enjoy her tips after the jump.  

Okay, all you wardrobe-challenged men out there…put down the remote and step away from the football game.  It’s time to listen up.  You want to know the first thing that women notice when they look at you?  No, it’s not your rippling biceps or your devastatingly good jaw-line…it’s your clothes.  So if your idea of getting ready to go out this winter is throwing on your old college sweatshirt and the same jeans that you wore when you changed the oil in your truck earlier…prepare to be spending the evening knocking back the brewskies alone with zero promise of a lady friend’s companionship.

Check out the following winter trends that women want to see on a guy…and the coldest months are sure to be some of your hottest:

Thermals.  This one is fairly simple so there is no excuse for missing this one, guys.  If you’ve got a bod that affords the sporting of clothes that have a closer fit, jump on the thermal train.  Get one in every color and pair them with jeans and Chucks.  It’s easy, it’s casual, and the ladies love it…mainly because we get to see a little bit of what you’re hiding underneath.

Leather.  There is something about a leather jacket that is just (for lack of a better word)…cool.  So when pondering over your winter attire and searching for something to keep you warm (and looking good, of course), you may have to dish out some dough, but consider springing for a leather jacket.  No matter what your style, go with your classic brown or black and you’ll be sure to gain that instant “bad boy” look to which us girls can’t help but gravitate.

Plaid.  We’ve seen this trend for the past couple of seasons but rest assured, gentleman, your favorite plaid button-ups aren’t going anywhere this winter.  This is a great go-to look whether you’re dressing up or going casual.  And there’s something about plaid that paints a picture for women of a ruggedly handsome, burly lumberjack who can come in from a long day of chopping wood and sweep us off our feet.  Sigh…

Wool.  For your dressier winter occasions or to wear over your work-suit, a wool dress coat would make a great addition to your winter wardrobe.  Women love a man in a wool coat because it comes across as suave, stylish and confident.  And if you think of yourself as the more fashion-forward type, mix up the look by pairing a scarf with it.

Layering.  This doesn’t mean just throw on a bunch of random pieces.  It means to thoughtfully select a few articles of clothing to layer over one another in an effort to look like they were just thrown together randomly.  One way to achieve this casual style is by starting with a thermal and donning a vintage tee over it.  If it’s really cold, try a zip-up hoodie with a bomber jacket on top.

Now that you know what women want when it comes to guys’ winter attire, head to the mall and pick up the essential pieces to complete your winter wardrobe and ensure that you won’t be stuck under the mistletoe alone this year.

Erica St. Claire is a guest post author who writes about the latest fashion trends.  Erica is also the owner of Catholic Singles Dating Sites where she composes articles about the safety issues of online dating.

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